Meet Khloë Terae’s cute little sister


No doubt your little sister will be as beautiful as the model

Khloë Terae is one of the most beautiful Canadian models on social media who shocks her fans with every image she shares. And if you’ve ever wondered what her family life is like, today we introduce you to her tender little sister.

Her name is ‘Liv’ and she bears an incredible resemblance to her, even in the photos she shares she calls her ‘mini me’. The little girl is 7 years old and is Khloë’s adventure partner.


Like Khloë, she is the daughter of Andrea D’Arrigo , the proud father does not hesitate to share on her social networks the great love he has for both.

She is 20 years older than her sister, however the age difference does not prevent them from getting along very well. Liv loves her and is surely her role model.

Like her famous sister, Liv already has a background in modeling. Her father shared through her Instagram account a few months ago a photograph of her first job as a professional model for an advertising campaign for the Emporio Armani brand.

With the family she has, great things surely await Liv and Khloë will be there at all times to see her succeed.

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