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Common Netflix Error Code And Solution


Today in this article we will try to review All Netflix Error Code so far, as briefly as possible, trying to provide the respective solution to each of them.

Netflix, being a platform for different types of devices, each with its own operating system and applications, it is logical to think that there will be errors that for example occur in Android, others in Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc.

In fact, it is like that, more or less, although a lot of the errors are common in all devices and platforms.

For this reason, we will specify next to the description of each error, the type of device or operating system in which it is usually produced.

Next, we will teach you all these Netflix Error Codes related to the most common incidents of this platform, problems in the Internet connection, outdated application data, bad configuration, etc.

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About Netflix Error Codes:

Internet Connection Problems:

Error 13018
An Internet connection problem prevents the device from connecting to Netflix services. 

Affected Devices: Android

Error 1011
There is a problem with the Netflix connection. Try again later. 
Netflix has detected a connectivity problem in the application. 

Affected Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Error (-12)
Could not connect to the Netflix service 
There is a problem with the connection to Netflix. Try again later.

Affected Devices: Android, Amazon Fire. 

Error 7
The problem in the network that prevents communication between the computer and Netflix. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to solve the problem.

Affected Devices: Computers ( Google Chromebook / Chromebox ).

Error UI3012
An unexpected error has occurred. Reload the page and try again. 
Network problem prevents the computer from connecting to the Netflix servers. 

Affected Devices: Computers.

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Error TVP-801
We have problems to play this title at this time. Please try again later or choose a different title. 

Affected Devices: Smart TV.

Problems In Temporary Cache Data:

Netflix error -11819
There is information or data out of date on the device. 

Affected Devices: Apple TV , iPhone , iPad , iPod touch.

Error 0041
The problem in the Internet connection or outdated data in the device cache.

Affected Devices: Android , Kindle.

Netflix Error 119
Re-login to Netflix. If the problem continues, visit the Netflix website. 
There are data in the device that must be updated. 

Affected Devices: Apple TV , iPad , iPhone , iPod.

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Netflix error 121
Alert ErrorCode No Selected CDN
Outdated application data. 

Affected Devices: Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

Netflix error 145
Another movie is already playing. 

Affected Devices: Apple TV.

Netflix error 1003
The movie cannot be played. Please try again later.

Affected Devices: Android, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod . 

Netflix error 0013
Application data are outdated.

Affected Devices: Android

Error 1002 Movie cannot be played. Try again later.
There are an outdated application or cache data.

Affected Devices: Apple TV , iPad , iPhone , iPod.

Error 10000
Outdated application information or connection error. 

Affected Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Error UI3012
An unexpected error has occurred. Reload the page and try again. 
Data in the browser outdated. 
Affected Devices: Computers. Solution: Delete Cookies.

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Netflix Unknown error
These titles cannot be accessed at this time. Try again later.

Affected Devices: Probably all.

Problems Related To Login Account:

Netflix Error 113
Your Netflix account name or password could not be verified. Retry. 

Affected devices: Apple Tv.

Other Problem Netflx Error Code:

Netflix Error 789
The Netflix application must be updated. 

Affected Devices: Apple TV.
Solution: Turn off the device and unplug the power for 3 minutes.

Error 11003
Some conflict or bad configuration prevents access to the Netflix service. 

Affected Devices: Android, Kindle Fire.
The server can not send the requested information. Sorry, the application you have tried to access is temporarily out of service. Try again. 

Netflix 1005 error
There is a problem with the Netflix connection. Try again later. If the problem persists, check that the date and time of your device are correct and restart the Netflix application. 

Affected Devices: Apple TV, iPhone, iPod, iPad.
Solution: Check that the date is correct, restart the device and reinstall the application if necessary.
If there are pending updates you should apply them and restart.

How To Fix Netflix Error Code:

Most people facing lots of different Netflix Error code for many reasons. like an Internet connection problems, Problem in temporary cache data, Problem related to login and other Netflix error. You just need to know why such an error occurs. here, we will guide you step by step how to fix Netflix error codes.

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Clear Netflix cache and data on Android : 
Settings -> General -> Applications -> Netflix -> Storage -> Clear data. 

Clear Netflix cache and data in Amazon Kindle Fire
Settings -> Applications -> Manage all applications -> Netflix -> Clear data. 

Wipe cache and Netflix data on iphone, ipad, ipod
Settings -> General -> Apps -> Netflix -> Clear Cache and restart. 
On Apple TV unplug from the stream for 2 minutes and restart Netflix session.

Restart the Netflix Internet connection from router or modem.

Completely turn off the Router / Modem for at least 30 seconds, turn it on and connect the device to the network again.

If the device has an Internet connection via mobile data, the fastest and most effective way to update this connection is to activate and deactivate airplane mode. 

Finally, perform a connection test from the Netflix panel to check the quality of Internet connection following these simple steps. 
Netflix -> Menu -> Diagnostics -> Network -> Start test . 

How to reset network settings on iphone, ipad, ipod
General -> Restore -> Restore -> Restore network settings and finally reboot the mobile device. 

How to restore network settings in Android
Settings -> System -> Reset options -> Reset Wi-Fi settings, mobile data. 

Note: If the device from which Netflix is ​​played is connected to a mobile data network, for example, a Smartphone, to solve network problems in Netflix we will have to activate airplane mode, restart the device and deactivate airplane mode.

Fix Netflix conflict with other Android applications

Settings -> System -> Developer options and activate the option Do not maintain activities or Destroy activities. 

Fix Netflix conflict with other applications Amazon Kindle

Turn off the router or modem completely for 30 seconds, then turn on the router and restart the tablet.

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Final Words:

These are some Solutions to “Fix Netflix Error Code. If you followed all the steps carefully and still getting same error kindly let us know. You can also comment section below your queries, we will fix it as soon as possible.






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