New Year 2020: Five Places in the World Where the New Year is Celebrated in a Grand Way

Happy New Year 2020: December has come and with this, the countdown of the last days of the year has started. Many people have already planned how to celebrate the new year. Someone must be thinking of going somewhere, and some party. Today we are going to tell you about such places, where the New Year is celebrated in the most spectacular way in the whole world. One of the places in the bucket list of people, you should definitely go to any one of these places to see the great New Year celebration.

Peris France

France is known for fashion as much as for fun. For lovers, it is not only famous as a global destination, but luxury parties are also recognized here. The light show and the presentation of international rock bands make the New Year celebrations here even more memorable. A week of December has passed and preparations for the New Year celebrations are on pace with Christmas around the world. Elite class favorite spots these days are ready for a luxury party. If you also want to be a part of this, then it is very important to know.


The World-famous Liverpool International Show will take place in the United Kingdom from 28 to 31 December. In such a situation, it has been given the status of the Biggest Party of the Year as a celebration of New Year. This time Beau Dermot is going to perform here. The finest global range of mocktails and cocktails are provided here. Riders from around the world will also perform among rock bands on the 31st.


The largest celebration in the Australian capital takes place in Sydney Harbor. Where thousands of yachts and millions of tourists gather. The firework show starts here one night in advance. The lighted boat parade is the special attraction of this celebration.

New York

Here the new year starts with a ball. More than 1.5 million people are expected to gather here this year. The ball was first celebrated on 31 December 1907 here. Since then, this tradition continues every year. Millions of people also watch it live on TV. When the ball was first presented to the public, it weighed 700 pounds. It was made of iron and wood and decorated with ten thousand bulbs. As soon as the New Year’s countdown starts, this ball comes from top to bottom. It reaches the designated place at exactly 12 o’clock in the night and is considered an indicator of the beginning of the new year all over the world. Similar special events are also held in other countries.


More than three lakh tourists are expected to gather here this year for celebrations. A three-hour royal parade is held here the next day after a party that lasts all night. It consists of colored yachts, international dancers and royal horses of the Queen of England.


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