16 December 2012 Delhi Gang Rape: Nirbhaya Case Wiki Full Story

2012 Delhi gang rape

Nirbhaya Case 2012 Delhi Gang Rape: Today, the Nirbhaya scandal is completing 7 years. On December 16, 2012, a shocking incident took place in Delhi, which shook the entire world, not just the country. On that black night, the girl was so brutally executed with the girl in the moving bus, knowing that everyone’s soul would tremble. The incident of gang rape has tarnished India’s image worldwide. At the same time, after the incident, there was public outrage across the country. Candle marches were carried out peacefully in the country, and there were fierce demonstrations. The Metro service had to be shut down even after the agitation in Delhi. On Raisina Hilsrod, the Delhi Police lathi-charged the agitators. So let us tell you today on the anniversary of the Nirbhaya incident that happened on that black night.

Nirbhaya 2012 Delhi gang rape

Seven years ago, it was freezing in Delhi. No one would have expected that on this day the poor are going to execute an event that will remain a stigma for the history of the country. That night, a paramedical student, Nirbhaya (fictional name), came to the cinema with his friend at the Select City Mall. He will not even know that this night is going to be the most dreadful night in his life.

It was quite a night, Nirbhaya and his friend arrive at Munirka’s bus stop, from there they beg auto owners to go to their house Dwarka, but no auto driver is willing to take them, then any higher fares. Let’s demand. Just then, the poor sitting in a bus standing away had thought of making Nirbhaya their victim. The minor standing on the pedestal of the bus calls Nirbhaya as Didi and asks where you have to go. At the same time, upset over not getting the means, Nirbhaya tells him to go to Dwarka. The minor boy says why are you getting upset, his bus is going to Dwarka.

nirbhaya full story hindi

After which Anjani Nirbhaya and her friend sit in the bus hoping that they will reach home safely. After this, as soon as they hike from Munirka bus stand. With them, the waves of lust going on in the minds of those poor people start shaking, after which Nirbhaya gets surrounded by those wolves and one by one they execute the rapes, Nirbhaya becomes unconscious. , His friend protests. But in front of 6 people, he finds himself helpless. From the bus stand of Munirka, that bus makes many rounds between that road to Mahipalpur, but the outside world also does not know it. A girl was strangled on the streets of Delhi and the police were sleeping. In Mahipalpur, those gangsters slam Nirbhaya on the roadside.

2012 Delhi gang rape
NEW DELHI, INDIA – NOVEMBER 21: People take part in a candlelight vigil at Jantar Mantar to protest against soon to walk free juvenile accused in Nirbhaya case, on November 21, 2015 in New Delhi, India. (Photo by Raj k Raj/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Nirbhaya’s friend pleads for help from passers-by passing by, but the dead humanity in people does not bear witness to her help. After some time the PCR van of the police arrives, gets her admitted to Safdarjung Hospital, where she now fights to the death. When this incident comes in front of the whole country, perhaps Delhi has realized that that black night or daylight can be black for them as well. A crowd of thousands, with no leader, takes to the streets against the then government. The government wakes up and sends Nirbhaya to the Singapore Hospital for better treatment, but after a 13-day battle, she loses in the face of death.


After the Nirbhaya incident, a new debate started on the crime against women. Furious and peaceful demonstrations took place across the country to protest against this incident. Much has been written on Twitter, Facebook, etc. in social media. Even the protection of women became a game-changer of politics, agenda, and social pressure that was put on all the parties to show themselves with their concerns. This was the reason that the government asked Justice Verma to recommend changes in the law. It provided for the death penalty for first-time rape offenders. Parliament unanimously passed it unanimously.

  • Awareness has also increased throughout the country after the incident of 16 December. Women are also not hesitating to raise their voice against the injustice done to them. They are also getting help with the new law.
  • The Usha Mehra Commission was formed after this incident, which submitted its report on issues like security, lack of communication among the responsible departments and how to overcome it.
  • Ministry of Women and Child Development launched a 24-hour helpline number for women safety.
  • The Ministry of IT started making several gadgets from women security which will soon come on the market.
  • The government launched Mahila Bank.
  • The government started the Nirbhaya Fund after this incident.
  • In the agenda of all political parties, the focus was on women’s safety.
  • Delhi government started helpline number 181.
  • The main accused Ram Singh committed suicide in Tihar Jail [8] and all the adult convicts were hanged by a specially constituted speedy court, while an accused was considered a minor on the basis of school certificate and was sentenced to three years. Sentenced to live in a juvenile correctional home.


  • This year the National Commission for Women has received twice as many complaints related to rape, molestation and domestic violence as compared to 2012. Delhi is second only to Uttar Pradesh in crimes against women.
  • While GPS has started to be installed in public transport trains, no concrete system for monitoring vehicles has been built through them. The arbitrary of the auto owners is maintained. National Vehicle Safety and Tracking System
  • Approved installation of an integrated computer-aided dispatch platform.

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