The online gaming industry has been soaring high, especially after the pandemic took
the world by storm. Even though online gaming came into existence almost decades ago,
it was only during the epidemic that it gained popularity across the globe. During the
tough time of the pandemic, people had more free time to themselves with relatively fewer
places to go to, hence they turned to online gaming for an escape.

Long gone are the days when kids would go out and play and would have a curfew
before sundown. Now it has become hard to even get them out of their room and course
all thanks to these online games. One such innovation that is generating greater
attention from gamers than ever before is the delivery of games via mobile and cloud-
based systems. Plenty of games are now available on mobile devices, along with the
streaming services that have emerged. This allows the gamers to access cloud gaming
without buying expensive gear and experimenting with new genres.

We have gathered a list of the online gaming genres that are a must for you to play as
they are fun, competitive, challenging, and also a way of taking you back to your
childhood times.

Online Board Games

Playing board games online is the new in-thing now. After the coronavirus epidemic
caused a major void in people’s social schedules, there are a plethora of sites for you to
engage in digital board games. The beauty of this type of gaming is that it is quite simple
and can be enjoyed as a family by people of all ages. For us elder ones, this gaming genre
is surely like a portal back to our childhood where we had no care about the world and
everything was simple.

Real-Time Strategy Games

These games are quite popular since they allow all players to play at the same time.
People despise waiting, and in these games, they don’t have to wait for their turn to
implement a strategy. Typically, games in this genre take a top-down perspective and
put your map-reading and resource-management abilities to the test.
These games are extremely fast-paced and typically demand a strong internet
connection. Real-time strategy games can be played against artificial intelligence
machines or other humans across the world, hence you cannot undermine the value of
having high-speed internet. To keep your online gaming experience delightful, you
would want something affordable and high-speed like Paquetes de Mediacom so that
you do not lose any game due to the lagging connection.

Shooter Games

Shooter games are some of the most popular and visually stunning titles. These games
can be separated into two categories: first-person shooter games and third-person
shooter games. You play first-person shooter games from the perspective of a human.

Call of Duty is the best example of a first-person shooter game. A third-person shooting
game displays not just your character’s full body but also how it moves in its
surroundings. Games like Gears of War are examples of third-person shooter games.
Many people believe that shooter games evolved from arcade games with shooting


“Sandbox” might be familiar to you and may ring a bell because it uses an open-ended
mode in some games. This genre gives more autonomy to the players, with their open
environments, and specifically, the non-linear gameplays make it stand out. What used
to be an underrated genre, has now become a bigger phenomenon.
Games such as Minecraft, The Sims, and even Grand Theft Auto is the example of this
genre. There are plenty more such games coming out now and are becoming absolute
gamers’ favorites.

Sports-Based Games

Sports games are, as the name implies, based on sports. A soccer fanatic cannot
physically play soccer all of the time, but he can spend hours upon hours playing soccer-
themed video games. Do you understand the appeal of sports-themed video games?
FIFA is a renowned name in this gaming genre. These games combine all your favorite
players in real life and you can make teams with them and become unbeatable.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. The list of best online gaming genres that you cannot miss out on and
would love. So what are you waiting for? Begin your fun-filled gaming marathon with
your friends now!

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