PUBG Self revive features

Thanks to the PUBG self-revival feature, players will be able to revive themselves. So, when exactly will this feature be added to the game? Here are the details!

With the PUBG self-revival feature, players no longer have to wait for the help of others. PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds 12.2 update, with its new feature that allows players to manage on their own, ensures that users do not give up quickly in a conflict environment with many opponents.

When Will PUBG Own Animation Coming?

PUBG 12.2 update is expected to be released to players on July 7, 2021. Since this feature is a feature that will come with the 12.2 updates, the new feature that players will not need to get up from the ground will also be available to players at the beginning of next month.

The revival feature of PUBG has actually been in the game’s files for 3 years, but it has just been added to the game. Developer PUBG Corporation did not share details such as what players will do to get off the ground, or under what conditions this feature will be used.

In an image shared by PlayerIGN on Twitter, the feature that is planned to come with the 12.2 update to the game was included. The new feature will likely come with the 8×8 Taego map. The footage shared by PlayerIGN on Twitter shows the player resurrecting himself after being shot by someone else.

Some players, who enjoy playing the game alone rather than as a team, think that having the ability to revive themselves in PUBG will benefit them greatly.

It should be noted that the developer of the game did not explain how the new feature will work. Similarly, it remains unclear for now whether the feature will be exclusive to Taego. It looks like players will have to wait until July 7 to know more about the feature.

Summary of PUBG 12.2 Update

  • A major innovation has been made in Miramar. Moving around the map has become much easier than before. The map has become much more lively. In the renovation made to the inside of the houses, the excess of furniture was also eliminated.
  • Added new armor-piercing sniper rifle Lynx AMR.
  • A new vehicle ATV came to the game.
  • Football can now be played before a match starts in the game. The soccer balls disappear when the game starts.
  • Bots have been improved. Bots now jump with planes like players. His abilities, such as taking cover, have also been improved. Bots are found on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi maps. Fixed bugs such as bots not attacking players for ten seconds and bots’ bleeding speed.
  • Reputation reductions no longer occur for temporary bans. Players found to be cheating are also permanently banned. Reputation points of users who violate PUBG’s code of conduct are reduced.

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