PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update APK

This tutorial shows you how to Download PUBG Mobile 1.6 APK Update step-by-step on Android Smartphones. If you are looking for the latest version of PUBG Mobile, then this will take you step-by-step through downloading PUBG 1.6.0 update.

This is the best place to find Download PUBG Mobile 1.6 Global version APK + OBB along with the installation guide.

You can play this game absolutely free and enjoy yourself as you travel into the most amazing maps and fight with enemies while gathering the best equipment. Although this game is primarily for team players, you can play it solo, duo, or with a team of four at a time. now you can download PUBG Mobile 1.7 Beta APK for Android.

In addition to the exciting rewards such as outfits and weapon skins, you’ll also be given some surprises when you log in. The rewards you receive as you play the game are not only one-time; they keep coming as you engage in the game.

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What is New in PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update?

PUBG 1.6 is Battle Royale Game Global’s upcoming version of Battlegrounds Mobile. There are a lot of new things coming in this update, which will make the game even better. Additionally, this update has completely altered the game UI. so below you will read PUBG 1.6 update features.

  1. Quad Bike: This vehicle is only available on the PC version of PUBG and could be found on Miramar Map if PUBG PC becomes available. The forward speed is 110Km/hr and the reverse speed is 56Km/hr.
  2. Vikendi 2.0: It was originally scheduled to launch in the 1.5 update, but was delayed to the 1.6 update due to some issues. We may see a new Vikendi update soon
  3. Welcome Screen: The new PUBG 1.6.0 welcome screen features a new user interface. A small octagonal spaceship and some other items are floating in this area.
  4. In-Game Spaceships: In-game spaceships keep a huge treasure trove of loot. In the sky, you will see a spaceship. It just takes a few steps to enter by standing under it and pressing any of its functions. Make sure you collect all loot and then exit the building.
  5. Orange marked locations: Orange marked locations on the map allow you to catch a glimpse of exciting loot. There is a powerful suite available at the orange marked location whose destructive power is extensive.


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Download PUBG Mobile 1.6 APK Update Latest Version 2021

Additionally, the game has many different modes, including TDM, free firefight, and battle royale. There is no limit to what players can play. Build a truly immersive mobile experience by bringing to life fantastic worlds augmented by 3D sound, using the full capabilities of Unreal Engine 4.

Battle Royale fans have a lot to look forward to with monthly new content updates and world-class collaborations. We will continue to hear feedback from you as we move down the calendar. Bringing you new collaborations and working with partners will be our priority. You will need the following to play BGMI without any issues:

  • Stable internet connection
  • Android 5.1.1 or above
  • At least 2 GB memory

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PUBG 1.6 APK+OBB Update Download From Tap Tap

Below will show you how to PUBG Download 1.6 Tap tap APK + OBB and the guide.

NamePUBG Mobile
File Size 661 MB [expect]
PublisherKrafton Gaming
SupportsAndroid 5.0 & Up
Release Updated14 September 2021

Step 1: Download the PUBG Mobile 1.6 APK and OBB files link given below.

Step 2: Open the ZIP file with your Android file manager app and extract it. Next, you’ll need to install the PUBG Mobile APK. 

However, do not start the game immediately. Move on to the next step by tapping the “Done” button.
PUBG Mobile 1.6 Update APK
Click on Done Button

Step 3: Then you need to move the OBB file to the /Android/OBB folder on your phone. You can manually create an OBB folder within the Android directory if you don’t find one.

PUBG Mobile 1.6  APK

Step 4: Do not forget to place the PUBG Mobile OBB file inside the “com.pubg.imobile” folder. You will need to create the folder and paste the OBB file into it. In general, the following path should be followed:


Step 5: You should allow the app’s requested permissions before starting the game.

PUBG Mobile 1.6 Download APK

Step 6: From your home screen or app drawer, select the app icon to open the game. After the installation, BGMI might take a few minutes to open, depending on your phone’s chipset. In this period, be patient, as you have been all these months.

Download PUBG 1.6 APK Update
Waiting for Some time

Step 7: If this process is successful, you will receive a pop-up notifying you that the update has been completed. Click OK to restart the game.

Click Ok and Restart game

Final Step: Then, accept the terms of service and the privacy policy after the restart. The game is now ready for you to log in and start playing. 

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Wrapping It Up:

I Hope, You can download PUBG Apk 1.6 Update for your smartphone by following all the information that we carried out above the article. Download it and enjoy the advantages it has to offer.

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