PUBG for iOS: New State Pre-Registration

PUBG for iOS: New State pre-registration date has been announced. So, when can iOS users pre-register? Here is that date that made iOS users wonder!

The PUBG: New State pre-registration date, which iPhone and iPad users are eagerly waiting for, has been announced. The new game developed by the team behind PUBG Mobile has already reached more than 20 million pre-registrations on Android. According to the newly shared information, iPhone and iPad users may take action soon after Android users.

What Time Does PUBG: New State Pre-Registration Date (iOS) Show?

The game, which has reached more than 20 million pre-registrations on Android, now gives iOS users the opportunity to pre-register. Pre-registration for the New State’s iOS in August 2021 from opening.

It should be reminded that the expectations of the players about the new game of PUBG Mobile developers are very high. A new record can be set thanks to iPhone and iPad users who will take action after the pre-registration for iOS starts.

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Although there is no official release date for the new game, it is seen as an important step forward for the new game, which is expected to be released later in the year. There have been some posts about New State from Krafton in the last few months. Among these shares, there are features that can be used in-game with the map.

Krafton apparently wants to compete with the more modern elements of Call of Duty Mobile, so instead of developing PUBG Mobile, he’s making a fresh start. So far, a number of features that will be included in the new game have been shared. The last promotional video for the game was the video released on the “PUBG: New State” channel earlier today.

In the description of the promotional video, it was stated that while the release date of New State is approaching, new vehicles, weapon customizations, and similar elements of the game are included.

How is PUBG: New State Played?

Android Police has released a 1-hour gameplay video of the game PUBG: New State, which has started its closed alpha process in the past weeks. The video shared with the players made it possible to have some important information about the graphics and gameplay system of the game.

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