PUBG Redeem Codes Today

PUBG Redeem Codes Today 18 April 2021: Let’s be honest: who doesn’t like free loot in games, right? Use these PUBG Mobile redemption codes to get as many gifts as you can, before they expire!

PUBG Redeem Code from the website will get free items. All users have to do is sign up using Facebook or VK ID. Here we have provided the PUBG Redeem Codes 2021 along with the PUBG Mobile today.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code Today 18 April 2021 

Are you searching for the real and official PUBG redeem code on April 18 2021? Well, congratulations, you come to the right place !!. This is not a real and official PUBG redeem code, and instructions about how to use it.

However, there is a cost to purchasing items, and the user must use the in-game currency PUBG UC to purchase them. Not every user can afford to spend this much money on games, so they look for a way to get those items for free.

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What is PUBG Redeem Code?

Redeem codes in the PUBG are 11-digit alpha-numeric codes that provide players a great opportunity to get special skins and other items or bundles in free skin.

Players who cannot buy UC, players often look for alternative ways to obtain UC. And after redeeming the code, they also get free items in the game. The use of redeem codes is one of the best ways to get those items for free.

PUBG Redeem Codes Today 18 April 2021


How to Redeemed a PUBG Redeem Code from site 2021

The process is quite simple – follow the 5 steps below:

Step 1: Open the official PUBG Mobile Trade Center.

Step 2: Fill in the first blank with the character ID that you can find in the upper left corner of the screen, next to your profile icon.

Step 3: Write the redemption code in the blank space below.

Step 4: Write the verification code in the last blank, then select Redeem; If you don’t see the code, press Update.

Step 5: Open the game and the rewards should be in your mail.

That’s! Now let’s take a look at the codes.

Note: This PUBG’s redeem code comes for different servers and regions. And the time limit for redeeming them is also fixed.


I hope you all enjoy these PUBG Redeem Codes Today 18th April 2021 from These redeem codes are issued by PUBG only for special events and festival times.

if you’re interested in more PUBG Mobile to redeem codes, stay tuned! We will update you as soon as we have some new codes that you can redeem!

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