How to Remove OMACP Virus in VIVO Mobile

Remove OMACP in Vivo Mobile: The OMACP Android virus is dangerous for your Vivo phone because it can ruin your data and security. This creates an easy attack surface for hackers to penetrate your Android device.

Here we’ll discuss everything about the OMACP virus on Vivo Android Mobile. This article will show you how to detect and remove the OMACP virus from your Vivo. Do you know what kind of precautions you need to take to keep your Android phone and apps safe from OMACP attacks?

Android devices are more susceptible to malware and adware than other mobile devices because of their immense popularity and user base. The truth is there are no clear-cut rules or guidelines on how to avoid being infected with Malware and Adware.

In any case, you should always take precautions to protect your phone from a hacking attack that involves malicious software.

What is OMACP in Vivo Mobile?

The OMACP virus is similar to other Android viruses, but it has its own set of characteristics and effects. OMACP behaves similarly to other Android viruses, gaining access to your Android system by breaching both the security and database.  

OMACP is a well-known virus that affects Android phones like Vivo and Samsung.

The OMACP virus affects both the apps on your Android system and its storage space. This virus targets messaging apps and system apps.

In some cases, you might receive the message without any subject or text. Additionally, users have reported a popup saying “Text Messaging-Unfortunately OMACP has stopped!”.

How to Remove OMACP Virus from Vivo Mobile? [V15 Pro,Z1 Pro,Y11,V20]

Once an OMACP virus has been detected on your Vivo phone, it is time to take decisive action and eliminate it quickly. Fortunately, any delay in action can cause severe damage to the virus, since it keeps spreading itself.

These steps will help you remove the OMACP virus from your VIVO device like Vivo v15 Pro, z1 completely.

Step 1: Go to your Phone’s Settings option.

Step 2: Click on the App’s settings.

Step 3: Next, select the message application.

Step 4: Select the Storage option.

Step 5: In this section, you can see some unusual storage space eaten by a virus. It just needs to be deleted. The OMACP virus has been successfully removed from android. See Below Screenshot

Remove OMACP in Vivo


We just covered everything you need to know about the Remove OMACP in Vivo. Once a virus is detected, immediate action should be taken. If we delay taking action, it could be too late. OMACP is commonly known to infect messaging apps.

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