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Safalta 0 Km Gujarati Movie Download Leaked By TamilRockers? Safalta 0 Km‘ is the first dance-based film in Gujarati cinema and has emerged as the biggest dance film of the year. With this, the movie’s director-producer and many actors are going to make their debut in Dhollywood. Director Akshay Yagnik, producer Pinal Patel, and actor-dancer Dharmesh Yelande are debuting with the film.

The film’s teaser will make you snort at your feet. Though this is just a small glimpse of the film, there is much more to be said. Dharmesh is seen doing full justice to his role as he is very emotionally involved in dance even in real life.

Director Akshay Yagnik provided an interesting insight into the film, as he said, “The film is partly inspired by my own journey of life, with some elements imaginable.” From the very beginning, I always wanted to cast Dharmesh Yelande for the role of Shaurya Mehta. ”

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We all know that he has struggled hard to reach the point of life at which Dharmesh is still. This journey of their struggle will undoubtedly do justice to the character of the film. His real-life hard work will be seen in the film.

The teaser begins with the dialogue, “I don’t know if this dance will make or ruin my life”. Which shows that everything has been put at risk for the dance. Behind the dance is a journey of madness and madness. This is definitely going to be an inspirational story for all those dance lovers and people of all categories.

The film is not only full of dance, but it is also full of emotions. This film has shown some new forms of dance, which will surely attract you and set a new stage of dance.

Music directors Viral and Lavan have worked very closely on the music given the dignity of the film and the music composed under their leadership is very worthy. It is also being said that some songs in this movie may prove to be the biggest chartbusters of the year.

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The film has been directed by Akshay Yagnik and Peenal Patel has produced under the banner of his production house RZ Entertainment. Apart from Dharmesh Yelande, the film will also feature actors like Nikunj Modi, Manisha Thakkar, Shivani Joshi, Tarun Nihalani, Shivani Patel, Dharmesh Vyas, Kurush Debu, Uday Modi, Pourvi Joshi, and Shivam Tiwari. This movie is releasing on 14 February 2020.

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