Eclipse of Pollution Even on Beauty, Sales of Beauty Products Increased by 30 Percent

There was a time when people wanted to use different types of beauty products for fair skin. But now, instead of dark color, the prevention of pollution is becoming the first priority. Not only our health but beauty is also being perceived as pollution. This is why the market for beauty products has grown by 30 percent.

The increasing level of pollution remains a matter of constant concern. Metros have been particularly affected by this. People do everything possible on their behalf on how to get maximum security. This led to a growth of products from air-purifiers to masks. But recent surveys show that this concern has now reached the skin.

Statistics show that sales of pollution prevention products increased by 25 to 30 percent, while white cream sales were up 8 to 10 percent throughout the year.

Sales of these Products Increased

Products dealing with pollution include facewash, toner and face cleanser. Companies such as Ponds, Lautus and Amway have increased by 30 percent. Whereas products like Fair and Lovely, Lotus White Glow, Garnier White Complex were able to grow by a maximum of 10 percent.

Three Times More Sales than the Cream of Whiteness

According to an official of such a large company, anti-pollution products have grown three times faster than any fairness cream. It is not only in India but in every place in the world where the amount of pollution has increased. Companies have also started emphasizing products that protect the skin rather than enhance their complexion. Experts also say that it is wrong to promote a particular skin color and the company is also taking this into consideration.

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