Salman Khan’s nephew Abdullah Khan Dies at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai

Salman Khan’s nephew Abdullah Khan died on Monday night at Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. He was 38 years old. Although the reason for his death is not yet clear, according to a family source, he died due to heat-related illness.

Salman Khan seems to be Abdullah Khan’s uncle in the relationship. That is, Abdullah was the son of Salman Khan’s aunt. According to a family source, he shifted to Mumbai about 10 years ago.

When News contacted Mateen Khan, a resident of Indore and cousin of Salim Khan’s father Salim Khan, he said, “Abdullah Khan was very fond of bodybuilding. Although he was very tough, he had diabetes. Two days ago, when he felt uncomfortable, he himself went to Dhirubhai Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in Andheri, but when Salman Khan came to know about this, he Sector Abdullah was made Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani admitted to Lilavati Hospital in Bandra out of the hospital. ”

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Abdullah Khan used to reside in Salman Khan’s native city Indore, but according to Matin Khan, he shifted to Mumbai about 10 years ago and joined Salman Khan’s ‘Being Human Foundation’. Abdullah Khan was the doer of the brand ‘Being Strong’ working under this foundation and was active in the transaction of fitness-related products.

After receiving news of his death, Salman expressed his condolences via social media and wrote in English – “Will Always Love You” means “I will always love you.”

Shakti Kapoor’s son and actor Siddhant Kapoor, while regretting Abdullah’s death, told ABP News, “He was a very good boy and a very good friend of mine. He was very fond of fitness. A while back when he died When I heard the news, I could not believe it at all … He was absolutely healthy. At the moment I do not know what is the reason for his death. ”

Meanwhile, Matin Khan expressed regret over the fact that there was a lot of speculation about Abdullah’s death and that the coronavirus infection was being attributed to his death. Matin Khan said that I can say with claims that there was nothing like this and such things are baseless. This will be revealed as soon as the post-mortem report of the hospital comes. “

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