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Vivo X30 5G launches Samsung Exynos 980 processor, Expected to Debut Before the end of the Year

At the media promotion meeting held on November 7, Vivo and Samsung jointly announced that the Vivo X30 5G will launch the Samsung Exynos 980 processor, and the new product is expected to be officially launched before the end of the year. According to Vivo, the Samsung Exynos 980 processor is based on technical cooperation between the two parties and has been built in nearly 10 months. During this period, Vivo invested more than 500 R&D engineers, and the two sides solved nearly 100 technical problems, enabling Samsung to put 5G dual-mode chips into the Exynos 980 processor, thereby allowing the mobile phone to free up more internal space.

Vivo X30 5G
Image Source: Gizmochina

At the same time, Vivo said that the 5G mobile phone equipped with Exynos 980 processor will be launched as early as the end of this year. And knows from Vivo that the machine will be called the Vivo X30 5G, and the mobile phone adopts a narrower frame design, which makes the screen ratio increase again. In other respects, Vivo did not disclose specific details.

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Regarding the Exynos 980 processor, in fact, NRW has also been introduced in detail. The Exynos 980 is a mid-range chip based on an 8nm FinFET process with two Cortex-A77 cores (2.2GHz) and six Cortex-A55 cores (1.8GHz), and the GPU uses the Mali-G76 (MP5). And also added the NPU chip. Samsung also said that the performance of the NPU on the Exynos 980 is 2.7 times that of the past (although there is no indication of who the comparison is). In other respects, the Exynos 980 supports up to 100 million pixel cameras and supports WiFi 6, LPDDR4x memory and UFS 2.1.

Image Source: Phonearena