Seth Meyers Points Out The Problems With Trump’s Cognitive Test

Seth Meyers Points Out The Problems With Trump's Cognitive Test

Is it attainable, as wild because it appears, that the president isn’t the very steady genius he claims to be?

On his Monday night time present, Seth Meyers dared to say so, chastising President Donald Trump for lately bragging that he “aced” a cognitive take a look at whereas coronavirus circumstances surge all through the nation.

“The test you took is basically a placemat you give a child at a restaurant,” Meyers stated, exhibiting a picture of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), which Trump took in 2018. The take a look at consists of duties equivalent to copying a dice and drawing a clock, HuffPost’s 

“If you gave this to a 10-year-old at Chuck E. Cheese, they’d say, ‘Come on, man. At least give me a maze or a jumble. Challenge me.’ That’s like going to the optometrist and bragging that you saw the ‘E,’” Meyers stated.

The “Late Night” host added that if Trump actually needed to indicate his intelligence, he may simply reveal his SAT scores. Though, that appears unlikely. Meyers identified that the president beforehand had former legal professional Michael Cohen threaten Trump’s alma maters to maintain the president’s grades sealed. In addition, Mary Trump, the president’s niece, alleges in her new e-book that her uncle paid somebody to take the SAT for him.

Despite that declare being disputed, Meyers concludes that there are not any good choices. Either the president paid somebody to take the take a look at for him, or his scores are so dangerous he doesn’t need anybody to see. 

“There’s no, like, third option here where he kept his scores hidden because he was afraid people would know they were too good,” Meyers stated. “Trump’s not some MIT janitor solving math problems and not telling anyone. If he was, the teacher would come in to find ‘FART’ scrawled on the blackboard.”

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