Snapchat Flashback not Working

Many users have complained that Snapchat Flashback not Working. You can access your memories within your memories by clicking on Flashbacks. It allows you to view snapshots from the same period a year ago to now.

In cases where your Snapchat Flashback isn’t working, either the app has a problem or you don’t have any flashbacks.

You can see flashbacks only if there are memories from a year ago today, so if you can’t see them, that means you didn’t see them during the period of time around today’s date.

Here’s some solution to fix Snapchat flashback not working

Fix Snapchat flashback not working 2023

Solution 1: Restart your Smartphone

It is one of the most basic ways to solve any problem related to the application. In most cases, it works if there is a minor error, such as the application does not load correctly. Therefore, if the normal reboot cannot solve the load problem, try to give a full reboot.

  • For Android Users, hold the Power Button and Volume Down button together until you see the next screen. Then follow the prompts and restart your device.
  • For iPhone Users, Press and Release the Volume Up Button, Press and Release the Volume Down Button, and then Press the Power Button until you see the Apple Logo.

Solution 2: Clear Snapchat Cache:

Since you start using Snapchat, download all kinds of data and media to your phone; and when any of the downloads are in error, the application may behave badly and cause Snaps not to load.

  • On an Android device, open Settings> Applications> Snapchat> Storage, and click “Clear cache.”
  • Or you can open Snapchat> Settings> Clear cache to delete data cached in the application.

Note: It does not take long or cause any loss of data; simply delete all the cached files to force the application to synchronize with the Snapchat servers.

Solution 3: Clear Conversation:

If you can not load a snapshot and stories from a specific user, try to clear the conversation. To clear the conversation Go to Snapchat >> Settings >> Account operations >> Clear Conversation. Here, choose a person you will not be able to tell. But remember one thing, that is, it will remove all Snaps sent and received n conversation.

You can check this guide if you’re having trouble with Snapchat Memories not Loading.

#Solution 4: Check Network Connection and Snapchat Server:

This problem may be caused by an unstable internet connection. So if you use WiFi switch to your cellular network. You can also try to change the DNS settings. This trick has helped some users. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings >> WiFi>> Modify Network>> Advanced Settings >> Change IP Settings to Static
  • Now change DNS1 and DNS2 to and in a respective position.

#Solution 5: Re-install Or Update Snapchat App:

Not using the latest version of Snapchat may also cause the problem to not be loaded. Open the Play Store on your mobile phone and search for the Snapchat app. Check if the update is available for Snapchat or not. If there is an update, update Snapchat to the latest version, and then reload the stories. It should work if you’re using an outdated version of Snapchat.

Solution 6: Check Snapchat Server Status

The next thing you have to do is check if the problem is not due to your Internet connection since the Snapchat servers are down.

Snapchat is hosted on a server and this allows you to access and use all of its features when you are in the application.

When Snapchat’s servers are down, this means you will have upload problems, etc. When your servers are down, it means that the server cannot handle the number of IP requests sent to it and this may be due to the server losing power or too many people trying to use Snapchat at once.

You can ask other people if their Snapchat is working to see if it is on the servers. If you are unable to send or receive messages, this may be an indicator that there is a problem with the server.

You can also do a simple Google search asking “is Snapchat down” and the detectors below will show you if there has been an increase in reports in the last few hours. Here’s Snapchat Help Guides Tutorials.

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