How to Fix T Mobile Keeps Stopping on Android and iPhone

Are you using the T-mobile app on your Android device and iPhone and it keeps stopping? Have you seen an error message pop up on your screen? 

This article will explain why your T mobile app keeps stopping and crashing on your Android and iPhone devices and what you can do to fix the problem.

Managing and maintaining your account and services can be done directly from your smartphone using the T mobile app.

In order to use the app, you must have a T mobile account and a T mobile phone running Android 6.0 or higher, or an iPhone running Apple OS 10. The app cannot be used on an iPad.

T mobile app users have reported very frequent crashes and “Unfortunately, T-Mobile has stopped” error messages in the past few months. We can help you if you are experiencing the same issue.

Why does the T mobile app keep stopping?

Your T mobile app keeps crashing and stopping intermittently. Below we list possible causes for this problem.

  • On your Android device, you are using the T mobile app with Easy mode enabled
  • The T mobile app has gathered junk data
  • The T mobile app is outdated
  • You are trying to access the app through a VPN
  • The T mobile app installation files are corrupted

How to Fix My T Mobile Keeps Stopping [Diagnostics Keeps Stopping] – Easily

T mobile diagnostics keeps stopping errors can be fixed using these troubleshooting steps.

Change device

It is possible for the “Unfortunately, T-Mobile has stopped” error to appear on a smartphone operating system. Android users are more likely to see this error. So, we suggest that if you have an iPhone on hand, try installing T mobile on it and see if that fixes the problem.

Easy mode

Android phones have an easy mode that lets users select specific apps to appear as huge icons on their home screens. When your smartphone is set to Easy mode, the T mobile app does not work as expected.

t mobile keeps stopping message
Turn Off Easy Mode

In order to use the app, you can turn off the Easy mode option on your Android phone. Hopefully, the error won’t appear again on the T mobile app this time.

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Disable Background Data Usage

The background data usage on T mobile smartphones causes some users to experience app-stopping issues. Apps on your phone can utilize background data even if they are not active on the screen to search for new information.

In spite of the fact that background data usage settings prevent you from having to wait for new information, they can also affect your smartphone’s battery life and data usage, thus leading to the error message. Your Android phone’s background data settings can be turned off by following these steps:

unfortunately t mobile has stopped
Disable Background Data Usage
  • Go to the Settings menu on your Android device
  • then select SIM card & mobile data
  • Next, tap on Data Usage and then select the Mobile Data Usage option
  • to open the T mobile app
  • in order to turn off the Background data setting
  • Go back to Data usage and select a WiFi data usage
  • Again select the T mobile app and turn off the Background data settings

How to do this on an iPhone:

t mobile diagnostics keeps stopping
Disable background data usage
  • Go to Settings on your iPhone and select General
  • Then tap Background App Refresh
  • You can now turn off background app refresh completely by toggling it off or you can individually turn off Wifi or Wifi & Cellular Data.

Clear T mobile app cache

In order to speed up the performance, the mobile app collects small bits of information in a cache. However, over time, these cached files may become overloaded or corrupted, leading to various app-related problems. You can fix this problem by clearing the app cache on your cell phone as follows.

  • Go to Android phone Settings > App management > App list
  • Find T mobile and click on it
  • Navigate to Storage usage and tap on Clear data and Clear cache

If you are using an iPhone, navigate to Settings -> General -> Storage to clear the T mobile app cache. After that, tap on the T mobile app and then tap “Offload App.”.

When you force stop T Mobile App, what happens?

According to most smartphone users, closing the apps on their phones results in the apps terminating completely. Even so, the apps continue to send notifications and update their content in the background, so they remain active.

To resolve the issue, sometimes you have to force close the T mobile app to completely shut it down and start it up again.

Android users can do this by going into the Apps Manager and selecting the T mobile app. Under App info, choose Force Close. You can force close the T mobile app by opening the app switcher on your iPhone and swiping it up. Check that the error has been resolved by opening the T mobile app again.

How do I Update My T-Mobile?

For many users, updating your T mobile app to the latest version fixes the “Unfortunately, T-Mobile has stopped” error. Simply follow these steps:

  • Ensure you have an active WIFI or mobile data connection
  • after that, go to your phone’s Play Store or App Store
  • Select “Manage apps & devices” by tapping on your profile picture.
  • Click on “Updates available” and see if you see an update option next to the T mobile app
  • To install the latest T mobile app version, tap on “Update”


Hopefully, this guide helped you fix the T mobile app stopping and crashing issues. Nonetheless, if the error persists, try disabling the VPN on your smartphone in order to access the T mobile app. The bug can be resolved by uninstalling the T mobile app and reinstalling a fresh, clean version from the Play Store or App Store.

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