Telegram New Mass Video Chat Feature

Telegram finally introduced the collective video chat feature to users. So, what exactly does the new feature offer users? Here are all the details!

Telegram finally got the collective video calling feature. Equipped with features that will help users get the maximum efficiency from a messaging application, group video calls also offer simultaneous conversations with tablet, desktop and many other device users.

What Does Telegram Mass Video Chat Offer?

Telegram, which has become one of the most used messaging applications in the world in recent days, came up with a very innovative approach to users this time. The new feature was one of the features that users expected the most, but apparently, the wait is over.

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You can find out what group video calls on Telegram offer users from the following items:

  • Voice chats can now be turned into video chats with a tap (or click). Just tap the camera icon to open your image.
  • During a video chat, you can tap someone’s image to fit them on the screen. This highlights that person’s image while pinning the others’ image below.
  • The first 30 people who join the voice chat can use the video call feature for free. Those who are out of these 30 people can continue the voice conversation. There are no restrictions on voice speaking.
  • During the video call, you can have your own image on the screen and show your screen to the participants. This can be especially helpful to people who need to give presentations. To share screen on Telegram, you can click on the three dots in the upper right corner and choose screen sharing from the menu.
  • Stating that the participants want to make their voice more vivid and sharp, Telegram announced that it has improved the noise reduction feature.
  • Tablets and computers have more participants on the screen. Images can also be sorted as desired by the participants.

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This is not the only feature available with Telegram’s latest update. Apart from this feature, animated backgrounds have also come to Telegram. These colorful, vibrant and beautiful backgrounds are created algorithmically and change every time a message is sent. Although there is not a big change in the background, it can be said that there is at least a striking difference.

The messaging application also offers a new feature to its users who will not like the animated background. This feature allows you to create your own background, as you can imagine.

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