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Top 4 Tips to make your Google Account more secure

google account secure

Google Account Secure: Enabling 2-step verification and revoking third-party app access to your account are some of the security enhancements to the sign-in process.

You can enforce Google account protection with simple and quick steps. The security center is browser-only and offers options such as adding a phone number and recovery email, enabling 2-step verification, printing backup codes to keep them handy in the event of a system failure and revoke unused application access to the account.

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In addition to making login more secure, adjustments make it easier to recover your account in the event of a password break or loss. Learn how to access Google’s security center and Google secure your account.

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Step 1: Go to Google in the browser and open the menu in the upper right corner. Then select the “Account” option.

google no secure account
Access your Google account from the search menu

Step 2: If you are not signed in to your Google Account, press the “Sign In” button. If you are already logged in, skip to step 4 of the tutorial;

google account less secure apps
Login to access security options

Step 3: Enter your password and select the “Next” option;

google secure my account
Enter your password to proceed 

Step 4: Access the “Security” tab from the options available in the left corner of the screen. This section concentrates all the privacy controls of the Google account.

google secure your account email
Access the security section to enforce account protection

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1. Add a phone and recovery email:

Step 1: On the “Security” tab, navigate to the “Ways to verify your identity” section. To add a mobile number, select the “Recovery Phone” option. You will need to re-enter your account password to verify identity;

is my google account secure
Inserting a recovery phone helps strengthen account security 

Step 2: Press the “Add a recovery phone number” button;

google account secure email
Add a recovery number 

Step 3: You can choose a previously entered number or enter a new one. In this case, tick “Use another number” and then confirm in “Add”;

Step 4: Enter the phone number (with Country Code) and press “Next”;

how to secure google account from hackers
Enter mobile number 

Step 5: Google will send you a six-digit code via SMS to verify your identity. Select “Get code” to proceed;

google account enable less secure apps

Step 6: Enter the received code and press “verify”. Google may ask you to re-enter your account password;

Check code received

Step 7: After adding the number, go back to the “Ways to verify your identity” section and choose the “Recovery Email” option to enter a new email address. You will need to enter the account password again;

Having a recovery email added to your account is an important protection measure

Step 8: By default, there will be a predefined recovery email as Google requests this information when creating the account. Check the pencil icon to edit the address;

Pencil icon lets you edit recovery email

Step 9: It is recommended that you enter a non- Gmail email to enhance account security. After entering the new address, confirm with “done”.

Update the recovery email 

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2. Enable 2-Step Verification:

Step 1: On the “Security” tab, navigate to the “Signing in to Google” section and choose “2-Step Verification”;

Enable 2-Step Verification 

Step 2: To proceed, press the “Get started” option. You will need to reenter the password;

lick first steps to proceed with activation

Step 3: From the list displayed, select your smartphone and press the “Try Now” button;

Step 4: Google will send a request to the mobile phone. With the smartphone in hand, press “yes” and grant the authorization. The login will be approved. Back at the computer, a screen will appear asking you to choose how you want to receive the codes. Select your favorite option and select “Submit”;

Select how you want to receive the codes

Step 5. Enter the verification code received and proceed to “next”;

Enter verification code

Step 6: To end the process, press “Turn On.

Press the “turn on” button to end setup

3.Print backup codes:

Step 1: Still in the “2-Step Verification” option, scroll down to “Backup Codes” and press the “configure” option;

Backup codes are an alternative step to 2-step automatic verification

Step 2: Ten backup codes will be generated. Press the “download” or “print” button to have them saved when your phone is offline or in case of problems with the authenticator.

Print or download backup codes

4. Revoke unused application access:

Step 1: On the “Security” tab, go to the “Third Party Apps with Account Access” section and select “Manage Third Party Access”;

Manage app access to account

Step 2: Go to “Sign in with Google” to see the list of apps that have access to the account. Click on the application you wish to remove and press the “Remove Access” button.

Remove unused apps from the list 

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