Top 10 TikTok App Tips And Tricks (

Hello Guys! If you looking for top 10 TikTok Tips And Tricks ( on your Android smartphone? Well, if the answer is yes then you are in the right land. As you continue to read further in this article, we will be sharing Top 10 TikTok Tips And Trick As well as we will share some of the top features of the application.

What Is TikTok(

TikTok App Tips And Tricks– In today’s time, TikTok has become a very famous application whose popularity is increasing day by day and almost every person is also sharing his short video onTikTok and sharing with his friends on social media platforms. Last year in 2018, was suddenly closed and its users were moved to a new network. TikTok launched in China in September 2016. The popularity of TikTok grew rapidly in 2018 and in October 2018, it became the most downloaded app in the US.

Well, what we were talking about is TikTok, so I told you that this is an app that can be downloaded from the Apple Store in addition to the Play Store and Windows Mobile. There is no simple way to make small videos from TikTok Mobile. There is no artificiality in it, it is real and it has no limitations. Whether you are brushing or making breakfast at 7:45 in the morning wherever you are, come to the TikTok and tell your story to the world in 15 seconds.

Your life gets more fun with TikTok. You live every moment of life and look for something new every now and then. You can give your video a new color with special effect filters, beauty effects, funny emoji stickers, and music.

Today we’ve come up with the TikTok Tips And Trick for you. You can use them to improve your TikTok video and show your friends what you have.

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Top 10 TikTok App Tips And Tricks (

Upload Video From Your Smartphone:

It’s difficult to create or record a video you like at the time you want to choose a video from your Gallery.

Follow This Step:

TikTok app Tips and Tricks
TikTok app Tips and Tricks
  • Start the TikTok application. Then press the Add(+) button below.
  • On the camera screen, tap the Upload button. Select the video you want to upload and press Next.
  • If you want to upload and merge multiple videos, click Select more in the bottom left corner. Then select the Video you want.
  • Change the length of individual clips in this step. You can also change the speed of the video. Press ahead once done.
  • You can use different effects for your Video. Finally, click Next.
Create Video With Photos:

This is one of the Awesome tips for TikTok applications users, mainly people will download a separate application, but you can do it using TikTok. TikTok has one slide show function that allows you to create video from photos.

  • Launch the TikTok app and click the Add icon at the bottom. Then click the upload icon.
  • On the upload screen, tap the Image tab and select the images you want to use to create a slide show. Finally, press the Slide Show button in the upper right corner.
  • Now you can add effects, change the sound and transition to this presentation. When finished, click Next.
Download Someone’s Video:

TikTok is an amazing platform for discovering Video. Sometimes you want to share them or download them to your phone. Fortunately, you can do both things easily.

  • First, go to Video you want to Download.
  • If you want to share the video with an App touch the share icon on the right side, select it from the topmost carousel. To download it to your phone, tap the Save Video button.
Switch To A Private Profile:

If you have not set your profile to private, it means that everyone on TikTok can see your musicals. If you want to show your musicals to your observers, you have to set your profile to private.

Follow This Step:

TikTok app Tips and Tricks
TikTok app Tips and Tricks
  • Touch the three-point icon in the upper right corner of the profile page.
  • Then, in Privacy and Safety,
  • Then, Turn on the private account option.

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Privacy Setting:

Sometimes you will not find the Save button below the Share option. This happens when the person has turned off the video download option. And if you want to prevent others from downloading your videos, TikTok offers more privacy options.

Click the Profile icon on the bottom tab. Then press the icon of the three-point point in the upper right corner.
Select Privacy and security. On the next screen, click Who can download my video. Here you will find three options: All, Friends and Off. If you have a private profile, this setting will be disabled by default and no one will be able to download it.
Here you can change other privacy settings to allow selected people or anyone to send messages or comments to your videos.

Delete Your Video:

If you do not like the published video, you can always delete it and submit a new one. Here are the steps to delete a video.

Create Perfect Lip Sync Video:

One of The coolest futures TikTok main Apps TikTok Tips and Trick to perfect lips sync videos. It’s not an easy to lip-sync video task recording with a song. But do not worry about TikTok, there are ways to edit correctly.

  • Once you’ve selected a song, touch the scissors icon on the right side to select the part of the song you want to include in your video.
  • Likewise, once the video is recorded, press the Scissor icon again to define when the song should start.

Choose a Song from Someone Else’s Lip Sync Video:

Very often we like the song from someone else’s video that synchronizes the lips and we want to use it to create our own version. Instead of searching for a song, you can start recording directly.

To do this, touch the album cover in the lower right corner. Then touch the recording option.

Create Duet Video:

Another coolest TikTok App Tips and Tricks, one of the best feature makes a duet video. You and your friend are in different countries and want to make a duet video. You do not have to go through the trouble of recording video individually, and then spend hours trying to synchronize them. You can use the Duet feature of the application.

Open the video directly for which you want to create a duet. Then click the sharing option and there you’ll find the duet option. Now start to encode the video normally just like you.

Record Video Without Holding Button:

It is not always easy to hold a record button to shoot a video. To avoid this, you can use the timer function. Once enabled, the video will start recording automatically after a few seconds.

TikTok app Tips and Tricks
TikTok app Tips and Tricks

To do this, on the video capture screen, tap the timer icon and then press the Start shooting button.

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Top 10 TikTok App Tips And Tricks

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