Uber Paypal Payment not Working

When experiencing an Uber PayPal payment not working error, you won’t be able to find a ride when you need one.

If you were not paid for your last trip, request a new ride would be nearly impossible. If the following messages appear in your app when paying for a trip; Request failed, Card declined, there was an error processing your request, your payment method is invalid.

This indicates that your chosen payment method may have been denied by your bank. Please update your billing settings.

How to Fix Uber Paypal Payment not Working

You can follow these steps to resolve the Uber PayPal error issue.

Solution 1: Reinstall The Uber App:

If the app always shows the Card declined and other errors, consider reinstalling it. There may be some glitches preventing the data from flowing between the app and the card details. The codes would be removed if the app was reinstalled.

Rebooting is another option, though, if the problem persists, you will need to reinstall.

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Solution 2: Make Sure the Uber App is Updated To The Latest Version:

The most common issue with applications is this one. The payment process is extremely sensitive. In order to better secure its servers and apps, the company keeps updating both simultaneously.

If you are using an old app version, you won’t be able to connect to the server. Transactions on the app are disabled automatically by the server so that card information will not be misused. Whenever you wish to use your card again, make sure you are using the most recent version that the company provides.

The next few issues are related to your credit/debit card information. Try these if the app fixes didn’t work for you.

Solution 3: Wrong Debit Or Credit Card Number:

It is natural that you might end up entering the wrong card number because these numbers are very long. The app may not have updated your card since you changed it. Make sure to update your card information on a regular basis.

Payment failures are often caused by incorrect card numbers. Whenever entering your card number, always double-check it to avoid any trouble in the future.

Solution 4: Expired Debit/Credit Card

You may also encounter this issue if your card expires. The majority of the time, you would know when it does, but occasionally, it can slip your mind or you did not learn about it in time. Each time the company transacts, it checks the details. Your expired card will cause a payment failure error if it has expired.

Activate the new card details so the app can deduct ride charges. If you have a new card, make sure it can be used. Make sure you always keep your card details in the app up-to-date.

Solution 5: You Exceeded The Withdrawal Limit On Your Account

The same thing happens on a regular basis. Perhaps not so common, but if you have a lot of expenses and are far from the city. Bills from hotels, hospitals, and so forth can accumulate quickly. The number of withdrawals or amount of withdrawals caused by this leads to your card reaching a withdrawal limit.

When the withdrawal limit of a card is exceeded, the app cannot process a transaction. If your credit card stops working, you can try another one or wait for it to work again.

Our remaining fixes mostly deal with banks, so read them and follow them carefully.

Solution 6: You Previously Reported Your Card Lost

It is possible that you lost your card and reported it to the bank in a hurry. It may even be returned to you. After you report the card missing, the bank blocks your card right away, even if you do not find it again. Therefore, you would not be able to make any transactions using the Uber app.

Keeping the protocol ensures no one is able to see your card details or money, whether it be a physical or digital source. If you lose your card, you should report it immediately to prevent misuse.


This article provides tips for resolving Uber payment declined related to invalid Uber payment methods. Thank you for reading this article. I hope it has been helpful. Keep up to date with all our latest Fix guide and updates. 

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