Fix Vizio Tv Watchfree Not Working

Pluto TV’s Watchfree feature is really cool. Your Vizio tv can be used to watch free TV channels through watchfree. Yet some users report that Vizio watchfree not working with their Vizio smart TV. A bad internet connection is the most common cause of this issue. There may also be a temporary glitch behind this issue.

Some users get stuck in watchfree’s logo screen, startup screen, or spinning wheel. Watchfree users are also experiencing black screens whenever they try to use the service on their vizio TVs.

In this post, we will show how to fix pluto tv or watchfree not working on vizio smart TV.

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Pluto tv/ Watchfree not working on Vizio? Here’s Fix Guide

In this article, we will show you step by step how to fix Pluto tv/ Watchfree not working on Vizio Smart tv.

#1. Check Internet Connection:

Check your internet connection first. YouTube is an easy way to test. If your internet is working, then you can check your internet speed using Also, you can select network test by pressing the menu button on the remote. Vizio tv will now check your internet connection. Having a slow connection may cause you to get stuck on the watchfree loading screen. To improve the internet connection, move the router closer to the Vizio TV. Additionally, you can use an Ethernet connection if you need faster speed. Those steps won’t help, so try unplugging your router for 10-15 minutes. Once you have plugged in the device and turned it on, you can check if the internet is working or not. To fix the issue, contact your internet service provider

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#2. Power Cycle

Most Vizio tv owners can fix the watchfree not working problem by power cycling. You will be able to hard reset your Vizio TV and remove any temporary glitch that is preventing smartcast from working. Here are the steps to power cycling your Vizio tv.

1.Soft power cycle from the menu

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote and select the System.
  2. Choose admin and reset.
  3. Choose soft power cycle from the drop-down menu.

Launch Pluto TV once the soft power cycle is complete, and check if it is working.

2. Hard Reset

  1. your Vizio tv by turning it off using the remote.
  2. Once this is done, unplug the Vizio tv and hold the power button down for 10 seconds.
  3. Let’s wait 10 to 15 minutes.
  4. The Vizio tv needs to be plugged in and turned on after ten minutes.
  5. Launch watch free now and begin streaming.

If you power cycle your Vizio tv, you should be able to fix the Watchfree/Plugo tv not working issue. Please try the following steps if your issue persists. also, read ESPN Plus Not Working on Samsung TV / Roku / Firestick

#3. Update Vizio TV Firmware

The watchfree/pluto tv issue can be fixed by updating the firmware on your Vizio TV. Follow the steps below to update Vizio tv firmware.

  1. On your Vizio remote, press the menu button.
  2. then, go to the system.
  3. Choose the check for updates option.

Once you have updated your Vizio TV, launch watchfree and see if it is working or not.

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#4. Factory Reset Vizio TV

The above steps can not fix your Vizio TV issues. If none of these steps work, resetting your TV back to factory settings may fix the problem. If you factory reset your Vizio TV, any custom settings will be removed. Follow the steps below to Reset Vizio TV.

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  1. On your Vizio remote, press the menu button.
  2. Select the system from the list.
  3. Then scroll down and select Reset & Admin.
  4. Select the Reset to the factory settings option. 
  5. Select ok to confirm.
  6. Once the reset has been completed, set up your Vizio TV.

Your Vizio smart tv will now be able to stream watchfree without any problems.

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