In This Guide, We will talk About How to Watch IMDb TV on Apple TV.


  • Active Prime Video account
  • IMDb account
  • Internet or WiFi access

(1). Go to the Apple App Store to click on the Search option from the menu bar. Whether you have Amazon Prime Video pre-installed on your TV or downloaded from App Store, skip stepping (5).

App Store

(2). Using the on-screen keyboard, look for Amazon Prime Video, and select the Install button.

(3). After the download, click Open to launch it on your Apple TV.

(4). When prompted, sign in to your Prime Video account.

(5). Navigate to the IMDb TV section and select a movie or show title.

(5). On the following screen, select the Play movie free with ads button to start streaming the IMDb content on Apple TV.

Alternate Way to Get IMDb on Apple TV

Since IMDb is available for iOS, you shall AirPlay it to watch it on your TV. Follow the steps given below to watch it on the big screen.


  • iPhone or iPad
  • The latest version of the IMDb app
  • Connect the iOS device and Apple TV to the same WiFi

(1). Navigate on the apps column on your iPhone or iPad device to click and launch the IMDb app.

(2). Make sure to log in when it opens up and click on any title to screen mirror to Apple TV.

IMDb TV on Apple TV

(3). Now, open Control Center and click on the Screen Mirroring button.

IMDb TV on Apple TV

(4). On the screen mirroring pop-up, select Apple TV name.

(5). When the connection gets established, you will find all the titles on your Apple TV.

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