What is FASTAG in India and How FASTAG Works at Toll Plaza

what is fastag

What is FASTag know How to Buy Fastag, its Price, Usage, and Advantages

what is Fastag for vehicles: The National Highway Authority of India i.e. NHAI has made Mandatory mandatory from December 1 for four-wheelers such as cars, jeeps, and vans, etc., aimed at reducing traffic and causing problems to people on toll plazas. We have to give convenience.

Though the idea of ​​implementing Fastag has been going on for a very long time and now the time limit for implementing Fastag has also been fixed, the question arises as to what is Fastag, where will Fastag get it, how to buy How much is it (Price) and why is it important.

Before going through all this, let us know first what is Fastag, how does Fastag work and know full information about what is Fastag.

What is Fastag and How to Get it:

What is Fastag in India: Lace from the Fastag Radio Frequency Identification is a device mounted on the Wind Screen (the front glass of the vehicle), which is a part of the National Electric Toll Collection System (NETC), and is part of the NHAI and IHMCL As per the guidelines, there is an initiative initiated by NPCL, which is available on all national highway toll plazas, and for this a separate line has also been constructed on toll plazas.

In such a situation, when a vehicle passes through the fast plag line of the toll plaza, the fastag on the windscreen of that vehicle is read by the sensors on the toll plaza and your toll charge is automatically deducted, allowing you to stop at the toll plaza Is not required.

This fee is deducted from your Fastag linked account, which is communicated to you through a message and can also be recharged once the balance is exhausted. With this, Fastag has a Validity of only 5 years, after which you will have to re-install the Fastag vehicle.

Benefits of Fastag:

Get rid of long lines: By using Fastag, you do not have to get into long lines at the toll plaza, you can pay your toll without stopping.

Reduction in pollution: Use of Fastag reduces pollution due to long lines, and also saves fuel.

Cash problem: When you use Fastag, you do not need to keep any kind of cash, you pay digitally online.

Paperless: This is a completely paperless work, in which paper is not used, and less use of paper also does not harm the trees.

Cashback offers: You get a lot of cashback and other offers on the use of Fastag, which saves you.

Where to find Fastag, what is Fastag Price in India:

fastag price in india
Source: Paytm

New Trains: If you are buying a new vehicle, now you will also be provided with Fastag along with RC, for which you will have to pay a separate charge.

Older vehicles: It is quite easy to get fastag for old vehicles, you can buy it by contacting the point of sale on the highway. Or you can also buy it from private banks. which is like this:

  • Axis Bank
  • Syndicate Bank
  • IDFC Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank
  • SBI Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • HDFC bank etc..

Also, Fastag can be purchased from Paytm and Amazon.

According to Paytm, the price (price) of FASTag is just ₹ 100. But by adding ₹ 250 of Refundable Security Deposit and ₹ 150 of Minimum Balance Maintainance, its total price (₹) becomes ₹ 500.

What are the Documents Required for FASTag?

You will also need some documents to take Fastag. Documents also depend on whether the vehicle is private or commercial, as follows:

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Passport size photo
  • KYC documents such as driving license, PAN card, passport, voter ID card or Aadhaar card.

Where do you stick FASTag in a car?

Step 1. It is very easy to install Fastag on the vehicle, you put it on the windshield of the vehicle.

Step 2. Link or Recharge Account with FASTag.

Step 3. Enter at FASTag Lane of Toll Plaza on any National Highway.

Step 4. The Tag Reader on the toll plaza will read the fastag on your vehicle and Applicable Toll Charges will be deducted from your account.

Step 5. And the barrier installed there will be opened automatically for you like a VIP.

How can I order FASTag from Paytm? | How to apply for FASTag through Paytm

how to buy fastag through paytm
Source: Paytm

Step 1. First of all, go to PayTm Fastag’s website or search by typing fastag in the Paytm app.

Step 2. Vehicle Registration Number: Now enter your Vehicle Registration Number here.

Step 3. Upload Photos of RC: Upload the front photo in a front photo of RC and the back photo in a back photo of RC.

Step 4. Select Delivery Address: Enter your full address, including the PIN code.

Step 5. Proceed to Pay: Click and make your payment.

Step 6. Delivery: Fastag will be delivered to you in 2-3 days.

Paytm FASTag TollFree Number: 1800-102-6480
With Paytm, you can buy fastag sticker for your car, jeep or van.

PayTM Fastag Offers
Paytm users are being given a cashback of 2.5% on the toll payment on all national highways.

How can I buy a FASTag?

SBI Bank:
Fastag Website:

HDFC Bank:
Fastag Website:

Fastag Website:


1. ICICI Bank 1860 210 0104
2. Axis Bank 1800 103 5577
3. IDFC Bank 1800 266 9970
4. SBI Bank 1800 110 018
5. Equitas Small Finance Bank 18004191996
6. HDFC Bank 1800-120-1243
7. Syndicate Bank 1800 -425-0585
8. Paytm Payments Bank 18001026480
9. Karur Vysya Bank 1800-102-1916
10. Punjab National Bank 08067295310


The new rules of Friends Fastag will come into effect from 15 December 2019, and there may be a penalty for violating the rules, so get the Fastag on your car today and follow the steps mentioned to order.

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