YouTube Provides Sorting Options for Videos and Playlists in Channels

YouTube is very easy to use in many ways. What has been missing to date is a method of sorting videos and playlists into channels. By missing the function, you were usually scrolling (er) for a long time – YouTube now offers sorting options.

YouTube channels

If you use the YouTube website, it is ‘easy’ to sort videos from channels based on upload date, which saves you scrolling through a huge list of videos. There has not been a good solution for the Android app to date, so scrolling is blown. That seems to be ready now because YouTube has started rolling out a sorting option. This is specifically a function for the ‘Videos’ and ‘Playlists’ tabs, the channel’s homepage does not have a sorting function – the page has no sorting option on the website, so now also not in the app.

YouTube offers new sorting options that you can use within channels

If you open the YouTube app and click on a channel, you will see a new function when clicking on the Videos and Playlists tabs. Sorting is possible by clicking on the ‘Sort by’ menu. By default it is on ‘Date of addition (newest)’, but you can also click on ‘Date of addition (oldest)’. Finally, the new menu offers the possibility to view the most popular videos by clicking on ‘Most popular’. The app now only misses the sorting options for ‘Uploads’ and ‘Livestreams’, such as on the website.

Roll out on Android

YouTube now appears to have started rolling out the new feature. Almost all telephones in my ‘possession’ show the new function. At the time of writing, YouTube would be conducting an A / B test, so there is a chance that the feature is not yet present with you. Telephones at our editors, run on YouTube version 14.45.52. If the function is not yet available, check the Play Store to see if there is an update for the YouTube app. For users on iOS it seems to be available for a long time; Fortunately, Android users can now also enjoy it.