prime video is not working on firestick

If you’re having trouble streaming Prime Video on your Firestick. Many users have reported Prime Video not Working on Firestick issue, and there are a few things you can try to fix. This blog post will walk you through some troubleshooting steps to get Prime Video working on your Firestick.

If Prime Video is not Working on Firestick, First, make sure that your Firestick is connected to the internet. try restarting your Firestick, uninstalling and reinstalling the Prime Video app. If none of these troubleshooting steps work, you may need to contact Amazon customer support for further assistance.

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How to Fix Prime Video not Working on Firestick

If you are having trouble streaming Prime Video on your Firestick device, there are a few steps you can take to fix the issue.

Check the Internet Connection

As discussed earlier, a poor internet connection is the main cause for Prime Video not working on Firestick properly. For this, you need to test if the internet connection is good enough to run Prime Video or not.

Clear Cache and Data

It may be necessary to clear the cache and data of prime video if it keeps taking you back to your firestick or TV home screen. If you use a Firestick, you can follow the steps below to clear the prime video cache and data.

  1. Go to settings in the home menu.
  2. Select your apps.
  3. Select Manage installed applications from the menu.
  4. Find and select the prime video.
  5. Then, select force stop.
  6. Next, select clear data and clear cache.
Prime Video not Working on Firestick
Clear Cache

Try launching Prime Video and recheck if the problem has been resolved on your firestick.

Check Amazon Prime Video Servers

The content delivered to Prime Video’s users is primarily provided by Prime Video’s servers. If the prime video not loading on the Firestick issue and Keeps Kicking me Out messages on the platform, it could mean that Amazon Prime Video servers are down. 

It is possible to confirm this by visiting third-party sites like Downdetector, which provide information about the current status of Prime Video’s servers and past problems it has faced. 

Prime video not working on firestick
Check Server Status

As long as Prime Video’s servers are down, all you can do is wait. You can’t fix any server-related problems yourself. 

Disable VPN Services

When streaming movies over VPNs such as Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, and Paramount+, there is a possibility that the VPN will interfere. A VPN allows you to bypass restrictions imposed by your ISP or other platforms on your network and protects your privacy.

The Amazon Prime service does not support VPNs because they mask your IP address, and there is geo-restricted content available.

However, there are some VPNs that work inefficiently and can cause network slowdowns, especially if you connect to a slow server.

Restart Your Firestick 

You can fix prime video issues such as crashing, lagging, freezing, or black screens by restarting your firestick. Here are the steps you need to follow to restart your firestick.

Restart using the Home Screen

From the home screen, select Settings > select Device, and then press on Restart.

Restart by Remote

Select the play/pause button while pressing select and wait for the firestick to restart.

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Hard Reset your Firestick without Remote

  1. Turn off your TV and unplug your firestick. It is advisable to unplug your TV from the power source if you have a Firetv.
  2. Wait for 3-8 minutes.
  3. Plug in your firestick and turn it on.

Now launch prime video and check if it is working properly or not.

Check your Amazon Prime Video Account is Active

There may be a problem with your Amazon Prime account. Consequently, prime video won’t play on your firestick. Follow these steps to check your Amazon Prime membership.

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account and select your account.
  2. On the left side of your prime membership page, you will find your current membership status.

Update Prime Video App on Firestick

When playing your favorite movies or shows on prime video, an outdated app can cause a lot of problems.

Be sure that the Prime Video app on your firestick is updated to its latest version. Follow these steps to update Prime Video.

  1. Go to the home screen and choose apps.
  2. Find the Amazon Prime Video app.
  3. On the remote, press the menu button.
  4. Click on more info.
  5. The Prime Video app needs to be updated now.

Restart your firestick after updating the Prime Video app to see if the problem persists.

Update Your Firestick Firmware 

In the same way, you should update the software on your Firestick as well. You can fix prime video issues on your firestick by updating the firmware.

  1. Navigate to Settings and choose my Fire TV.
  2. Select about and then click check for updates or install the update.
  3. Your TV will turn off as soon as you hit the select button on your remote.
  4. Please wait for the update to be installed.

Afterward, launch Prime Video and see if the issue has been resolved.

Reset Firestick to Factory Settings

You can usually fix most of the app issues by resetting your firestick to factory settings. Nevertheless, you need to download everything again after the reset. Here are the steps you can follow to fix Prime Video not loading on Firestick.

  1. First, Go to settings.
  2. Click on Fire TV now.
  3. Select Reset to factory defaults.
  4. For confirmation, select reset.
How to Reset Firestick to Factory Settings
Reset Firestick to Factory Settings

Once the fire stick has been reset, install the latest version of the prime video on your firestick or fire tv and see if the issue has been resolved.


After trying all of the solutions in this article, if you are still having problems with Prime Video not working on Firestick, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you and help you solve your problem. Please also consider liking this article and following us for more great content.

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