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How To Delete Search History On Instagram 2019

how to delete instagram history
how to delete instagram history

How to delete Instagram History: Every time you visit a web page, you know very well that cookies are stored. Besides them, the browser or anyway the application you use, create a “register” of all the activities, called chronology. So you wondered: does this also happen on Instagram? After several checks, it seemed so yes. As a result, you ran on the web to figure out how to delete your Instagram history, ending up on my blog.

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In the following insights, in fact, I explain to you what you need to do to see and delete the history of Instagram searches and also that related to all the elements of the social photo network, or hashtags, profiles, places, and even IGTV. Are you ready to start? So come on, let’s start immediately.

How to delete history on Instagram 2019

As you will understand when reading, Instagram history is divided into different types. Although it can be removed, for the most part, there will be no way to disable it.

Furthermore, please note that it is not possible to surf anonymously on Instagram. It is true that you can carry out incognito activities to spy on the photographic social network. However, once logged in, it is impossible not to be tracked or controlled by security systems. This, unless you use a fake account, but that’s another story. Having said that, I would say that the time has come to proceed with the in-depth analysis.

How To Instagram history works

The Instagram history is an activity log that helps the user to identify the searches he has carried out over time on the social network. It is active by default and its tracking cannot be deactivated (the integrated one, not the browser).

The term Instagram chronology can refer to the activity history that is tracked by browser (PC, smartphone, tablet or other supported devices) or to what is recorded in the photographic social network.

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The order of events that are recorded by the browser is stored locally, then on the device used. While what is captured by browsing the social network, for example searching for hashtags, profiles or places, is associated with the IG profile. So, while deleting the app, this information would remain saved.

Moreover, it must be said that this information can be used by third parties to spy on you. Therefore, it is good practice to remove Instagram history before lending your device. Fortunately, it can be done in both cases. I will explain to you how to proceed in the following paragraphs.

Where is the Instagram history

As you anticipated in the previous paragraphs, there are different types of Instagram history. Then:

1.Browser history
2.Social network history (app and website)

The browser activity history includes all internet history, so not only the pages visited by Instagram but also those of other websites. It can be found by opening the browser (mobile, PC, tablet or other devices), going to Settings and choosing the History item.

As for the history of the social network, it can be found on the website or in the application. It is related exclusively to Instagram and covers posts, people, places, hashtags, IGTV videos, notifications, and even Direct messages. Its storage is not local, but on the cloud, or on the social network’s servers.

If you want to view the history of your posts, simply go to your profile. While to view the history of actions performed by other users on your profile, such as likes and comments to your posts, you will have to look at the statistics with a business account, or even use an analytics tool for IG.

The message history, on the other hand, can be displayed by swiping to the left from the “Home” section of the application. In this way, you will quickly be taken to the Direct tab, or in the list of active conversations, in which you will find all the messages sent and received.

Last but not least, search history. This is shown partially by tapping on the magnifying glass icon and touching the Search item (which appears at the top of the Explore section). It is divided by account, hashtag, and places.

You can access the Instagram history from any device connected to the account. But I suggest you use the desktop or mobile app to view and delete it.

Elimination of Instagram history after update

Until a few months ago, the Instagram timeline could be reset by the “Privacy and Security” setting. However, with the last update, the application user interface (UI) has undergone several changes and this setting has been divided into two different options.

In new versions, to clear the Instagram search history, go to the Security tab. However, in the steps that follow, I will explain in detail how to do it in both cases. I state that the procedures are valid for all operating systems, whether they are iOS, Android or Windows 10.

Delete the history of Instagram searches

To proceed with the elimination of the Instagram search history, first of all, you need to start the social network app and go to your profile. You can do this by selecting the stylized user icon (bottom right).

In that section, select the hamburger menu (top right) and choose the Settings (gear icon). In there, if you have an old version of the app, choose Privacy and Security. Instead, if you have one of the latest versions, tap the Security option.

At this point, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap the Clear search history twice in a row. Then, confirm the operation by choosing the item Delete history. The action is irreversible.

By doing this, everything you have searched for overtime will be removed from the activity log. You will continue to be tracked from the time of deletion onwards.

Partial cancellation of Instagram history

Deleting the search history (as above) will eliminate all browsing history within the social network. This means that places, hashtags, and profiles will be removed. If you want to limit yourself to hiding a part of the history, you will have to do it manually, without taking advantage of the option that I suggested you a little while ago.

There is an option that allows you to remove searches and suggestions in a “surgical” way, so partially. You find it in the search bar.

In detail, proceed by entering the Explore section. Then, tap Search to expand your search activities. Move from the All section to the one of your interest, choosing from Account, Hashtag, and Places.

At this point, between the Suggested or Recent entries, identify the profile, location or hashtag to be removed. When you found it, select the X that appears next to its name to remove it. Repeat the operation to modify the searches according to your needs.

If you don’t understand this procedure well, don’t worry. All you have to do is read on to read all the details of the case.


how to delete instagram history 2019

To delete a place from Instagram history, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Instagram app and select the magnifying glass
  • From the Explore section, tap Search
  • From the All tab, move to the Places tab
  • Find the place to be deleted from the Recent ones 
  • Select the X next to its name to delete it

You can repeat the operation to delete more places and locations. It is not possible to reset the location history only.


To delete a hashtag from the Instagram history, do so:

  1. Log in to Instagram and move to the Explore section
  2. Select the Search item and move to the Hashtag tab
  3. Find the hashtag to be deleted from the Recent ones 
  4. Press the X next to the hashtag name to remove it

For the moment, the hashtag history cannot be removed in a specific way. You will have to do it manually. Repeat the operation to remove more searched hashtags.


Delete the Instagram notification history

If you have been looking for people and now they appear in the Instagram history, there is no need to reset everything to make them disappear from there. Proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to Instagram and select the magnifying glass
  2. Access the Search through the Explore section
  3. Move to the Account tab
  4. Identify the profile to be removed from the Suggested or  Recent profile
  5. Select the X next to the username to delete it from Instagram searches

By doing so, that account will be removed from your searches. Keep in mind, though, that if you put likes on your posts or comment, your followers might still spy on you by looking at your activities through their notifications. Read on to understand in detail what I’m talking about.

Delete the Instagram notification history

As you anticipated, everything that happens on Instagram is recorded. Fortunately, most of these activities can be canceled. Deletion is also provided for notification history.

You can in fact remove notifications of comments, likes and new followers received in a really simple way. To proceed, first of all, open the ‘ application and select the icon shaped like a heart.

Once you’ve entered the notifications, stay in the You section. Then find the item you are interested in, which you wish to delete. When you find it, hold your finger on it and choose the Delete


Remember, though, that by doing so, you will only remove the notification from your account. Therefore, your followers will continue to see the activity you removed. Exactly, through the Follow already section.

At the time of writing, there is no way to remove the notification of your activities from other people’s phone. You could, however, remove the content related to that notification (eg the comments or the like). In doing so, if a user touched that alert, he would see nothing.

Delete IGTV history

If you want to delete your Instagram TV search history, know that these, at the time of writing, are not tracked (except by the social network to improve the AI ​​of its algorithm). Therefore, there is no need to worry either for single searches or for all those that have been carried out.

However, recommended profiles may appear in the Suggested section of IGTV for you. Those are chosen from the social network algorithm and, for now, they can neither be deactivated nor removed.

You could still attempt a cancellation of the entire Instagram history, as I described in this previous point, so as to see if some names are removed. Alternatively, you could look for other profiles and like content with different themes, so as to make the algorithm understand that “your tastes” have changed.

Delete the history of Instagram views

The history of Instagram views, unlike the other types, cannot be removed. But we must distinguish what kind of content has been displayed. Indeed, some views guarantee complete anonymity for followers.

If you have reproduced a story, you will not be able to remove your name from the list of views in that profile. The person who manages it can view it by touching the eye icon and you won’t be able to do anything about it. Also, you can check- How to delete Instagram Account 

If it were a video post, instead, I can tell you that you “escaped”. To date, in fact, the video views are anonymous and therefore not attributable to the user who reproduced them. It doesn’t matter if the account is a business or a creator. Nor, if it is public or private.

In the event that by visualization of the views I meant one of the notifications that appear to the others in the ” Follow me ” section, as I said before, it is not possible to hide them. However, you could always delete the comment or remove the like to prevent others from seeing your activity.

How to delete Instagram browsing history

If you don’t want others to see that you’ve surfed Instagram on that computer, you can act in different ways. In detail:

  • Remove the Instagram website history
  • Use the browser incognito mode

To remove the internet history related to the social network website, you must act through the browser settings. It is impossible to tell you the precise path given the variants “in play”. Usually, however, just open the Settings and choose the History option. This is certainly the case for the Chrome browser (mobile, tablet and PC).

In that section, use the Search and type Alternatively, if you use Chrome, run the URL –chrome://history/?q=instagram.comin the address bar. The results related to the Instagram domain will be filtered (but watch out for “false positives”).

Now, select all the items. From smartphones and tablets, Android or iOS, you will have to do it manually. Instead, from Windows or macOS, you could use the keyboard combinations Ctrl + Aand cmd ⌘ + A. However, after selection, select Delete and confirm.

The Instagram history that is erased by itself

If you are experiencing a problem in the Instagram history, which clears itself, don’t be alarmed: it may not be a hacked account.

In most cases, in fact, this symptom could be related to a ” bug “. This statement is partially true because, in reality, it is not a malfunction of the application, but a peculiarity of the algorithm.

In fact, you need to know that the Instagram algorithm decides for you the suggested profiles and orders them in the search history as you like. Once you have selected one, after visiting its profile, the social network system will remove it from the suggested accounts.

Initially, this discourse also applied to recent profiles. Usually, the last 10 accounts searched were left and, after a few days, these were even automatically canceled. This operation remains today at the discretion of the social network system, even if most of the time, it is not performed.

In more remote cases, it could be a hacked account, which is a profile that is modified and controlled by people who do not refer to it. Read This

Instagram history deleted

If the Instagram history of your account has been deleted, I’m sorry to tell you, but you won’t be able to retrieve it from the social network. If you used the application in mobile or desktop version, after deletion, the history has been removed from the cloud. As a result, it is no longer accessible from devices connected to the account.

However, you may be connected to Instagram from the browser. If this were the case and you had not used the incognito mode, then you could find the history of the social network. Yes, even the words that were sought. It would be enough to open the browser Settings, choose the History option  and then filter the results by entering the key instagram.comin the search bar.

By doing so, you will be able to view Instagram-related web pages. And it would also be easy to interpret them to understand what was sought.

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