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How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently Immediately

how to delete facebook account permanently
how to delete facebook account permanently

How to delete Facebook account permanently: At present, the world of social networks and especially Facebook has taken over countless hours of our lives. We know that in such a chaotic and uncertain world, communication has become a fundamental tool that daily generates potential contact between our family and our social circle.

In many circumstances, these types of applications have a great advantage over society, such as freedom of expression, contact with our people, the dissemination of information, the offer of services, awareness campaigns, marketing, job prospects, among many other things.

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But, as in everything, these applications have a negative side, because unfortunately it moves us away and diverts our attention from much more important things. The truth is that there was a time where we lived without any communication and in most cases that did not represent any problem.

Despite the benefits and disadvantages, we may find in having an active account within social networks, there are many reasons to want to delete one of them, especially Facebook. Whether you have tired of ignoring your environment, wanting to get more out of your time or for security reasons, in this post we will show you how to permanently delete your account. Then you will have to worry about what to do with so much free time.

Difference Between Suspending And Deleting a Facebook Account:

There is a big difference between deleting a Facebook account permanently and suspending it for a while, and between them, you will find certain disadvantages.

At the moment you decide to suspend a Facebook account it does not disappear at all, you have simply hidden from the radar for an undetermined time, but all your profile data still exists at some point in the network.

The only thing you get with this process is that from that moment on, no one will be able to see your profile, but it is likely that certain information you shared with your friends or publications where you were tagged is still visible among your contacts, as well as your name on your list. of friends.

It is worth mentioning that if you block your Facebook account and you still have the active Messenger application you can still chat with your contacts, your profile picture will be seen in the messages and other people can contact you by this route.

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One of the advantages of just suspending your account is that you will be able to return to the network at the time you decide, with all your data and information intact. You just have to have access to your email account or your phone number and voila, you’ll be back on Facebook. Another important point is that the accounts of other applications that are associated with it, will not undergo any changes and will continue to have access.

We remind you that before you decide to permanently close your account you must download all the photos and videos you want, of course, those found on Facebook, since you will no longer have another chance to recover them.

Delete a Facebook Account:

Clarified the above, we will now show you how to permanently delete your Facebook account. To do this you just have to follow these simple steps

Within the Facebook application, go to the upper right of the screen and click on the button that has the image of an inverted triangle, when doing so several options will be displayed and you will have to select the “configuration” option.

From there you can follow these two similar routes, depending on whether you will do it from your mobile device or from a computer:

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From A Mobile Device:

Settings and privacy> Settings> Your Facebook information> Account ownership and control> Deactivation and deletion> Remove account

how to delete facebook account permanently on mobile
how to delete facebook account permanently immediately

From a Computer Or Laptop:

Settings> Your Facebook information> Delete your account and your information> Delete account

When you have selected the option “delete account”, it will ask you for your password and finally, fill in a captcha as a protocol to complete the operation.

how to delete your facebook account permanently
How to delete Facebook account permanently

Benefits of Deleting a Facebook Account:

After deleting your account, no one will be able to see your profile photo again or access it, all your photos, comments and documents you have saved will be permanently deleted without being able to recover them again. Messenger will be disabled and finally, you will not be able to use those applications that you linked to your Facebook account.

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It is likely that the messages you sent at some time to a person are not affected as they are in your message tray, and that is already the private property of someone else.  

If after repeating it very well, repentance overcomes you, the only advantage you have is that you can recover your account again, as long as you do it within the first 30 days. To do this you just have to log in to your Facebook account and click on the “cancel deletion” option. It’s like Facebook doesn’t really want you to leave your community.

After that time, your account will be completely out of your reach, but there will always be the option to create a new account, which we do not recommend you do if you have already made a decision to delete it.  

Finally, 90 days must pass before your account is officially deleted and all traces of yours on the network disappear. It should be noted that during the time it takes to delete your information, no person or contact will be able to access your profile.

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