Instagram Unknown Network Error Has Occurred

Instagram Unknown Network Error Has Occurred: Instagram is one of the popular photos sharing applications available these days. You can find a lot of food bloggers, trekkers, photographers, etc. all over Instagram. If you go for download statistics of Instagram you’ll find millions of downloads of this app over Google Play Store and App Store. Recently Instagram came up with Video sharing platform also known as IGTV. Instagram users will have this IGTV access, no need to install this separately. A lot of people are moving from YouTube to IGTV by looking at the popularity of this amazing social media app.

Being so popular and millions of active users nobody can deny the fact that App is error-free. It is quite common that, by regular updates, there are chances to get small errors. Sometimes, apps become unstable after updates, user data vanishes, or the most common is login issues. These are some common errors with every app and today we will be discussing one of them. Read how to fix Instagram Unknown network error has occurred.

Recently while using Instagram I faced this Unknown Network Error Has Occurred issue. Then we searched and came to know that there are a lot of users who are getting Instagram Unknown Network Error Has Occurred Issue. We feel there is not much to concern about this because you can easily fix unknown network error has occurred issue on Instagram. If you are also one the victim of this and searching for the solution, go ahead and follow the guide.

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Unknown Network Error Has Occurred on Instagram – Reason

Most of the Instagram users reported this error while login into the app. What happens is they entered the login credentials and after a while, a pop-up came “An Unknown Network Error has Occurred”. So, we found out the most commons reasons behind this error are:

  • Inconsistent Network Connection means your network connection is not stable. It is getting connected for some time and again getting disconnected.
  • IP Address Conflict is also one of the reasons for this error on the Instagram App.
  • There may be chances that your App has been attacked by viruses and it is stopping the application.

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Instagram Unknown Network Error Has Occurred – Fixed

By now you must be aware of the reasons behind this unknown network error. So, it is quite easy to fix the issue, follow the steps discussed below:

Instagram Unknown Network Error Has Occurred
Instagram Unknown Network Error Has Occurred

Solution 1: Restart Your Device

This is one of the most basic solutions which literally work for such errors. Usually what happens, if an app is getting updated we need to establish the connection again. To restart your device, long-press the power button and then click on switch off. Once your device off kindly do a long-press the power button again after 1-2 minutes.

Once your device is restarted try login into Instagram. If network error persists you can try the other solutions.

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Solution 2: Re-Install Instagram on Your Device

There are some cases in which the application is trying to update but eventually fails in between. Due to this some incorrect data and incomplete files are generated which will not allow the users to login. So, you can give try installing the Instagram app again.

  • First of all, uninstall the application from your device.
  • Now go to Google Play Store and search for Instagram and then click on Install.
  • After complete download and installation try login Into Instagram and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Solution 3: Check Your Internet Connection

As we said, an unstable internet connection could be one of the reasons for this issue. Basically, when an app is updating over an unstable connection there may be chances that some files will get missed. If you are using cellular data try then try connection over Wi-Fi. In case you are already on Wi-Fi and still getting the same error, try restarting the router. While restarting the router keep one thing in the notice that is, unplug the router for at least 5 minutes. Now plug in the router again and try login Into Instagram and check whether the error is resolved or not.

Solution 4: Clear Cache and Data of the App

Corrupted Cache and Data can be one of the reasons for an unknown network on Instagram. So, let’s try clearing the app cache and data. To clear cache and data of app follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Settings >> All Apps.
  • Find Instagram >> Click on Clear Cache and Data.
  • Once you have cleared cache and data press Force Stop.
  • This will fix Instagram Unknown Network Error Has Occurred issue, if not try other methods.

Solution 5: Check Date and Time of Device

We have seen in most of the cases wrong date and time are one of the reasons for this network issue on Instagram. So, if you this network issue kindly make sure that you have the correct date and time on your device. To check this follow the steps discussed below:

  • Go to Settings >> Date and Time
  • Enable Automatic Date and Time

Make sure that this automatic date and time is enabled all the time otherwise it will go out of sync. Anyways as per our knowledge, this is the best practice to enable automatic date and time.

Solution 6: Update the Instagram App

Sometimes, these issues become too common and companies will get reports constantly and they release updates. These updates will have fixes for such small errors like Instagram unknown error has occurred.

Final Thought

These are some common fixes for Instagram Unknown Network Error Has Occurred. If none of the above solutions works for you kindly let us know via comments or the Contact Us forum. We will try to fix your issue ASAP.