Katharine Hepburn’s love letters to Howard Hughes up for auction

Katharine Hepburn’s love letters to Howard Hughes up for auction

LOS ANGELES — She signed off as “Country Mouse” and known as him “My most excellent boss.”

She was Hollywood star Katharine Hepburn and he was eccentric entrepreneur Howard Hughes. Many of her letters to him are going up for auction in Los Angeles for the primary time on July 23.

The emerald and diamond engagement ring Hughes gave to Hepburn in 1938 can also be for sale, and is anticipated to fetch between $20,000 – $30,000 on the Profiles in History auction.

Brian Chanes, head of consignment relations at Profiles in History, mentioned the objects have been uncommon due to their private nature.

“Very little has really eked out because he (Hughes) was such a private individual,” Chanes mentioned. “We have over 55 hand-written letters, love notes, bedside notes from Katharine Hepburn. They were lovers for about a year, a year and a half, from 1937 to ’38 and they’re very, very juicy.”

Hughes and Hepburn by no means married however their romance, which was chronicled within the 2004 film “The Aviator,” was an enormous superstar story on the time.

The letters are anticipated to fetch up to $15,000 on the auction.

Hepburn used pet names and pseudonyms like C. Mouse and Mrs H.R. Country when signing the letters, which showered the film mogul and millionaire businessman with reward.

“My most excellent Boss” begins one. In one other, “The Philadelphia Story” actress known as him “brilliant as Einstein,” and “graceful as a gazelle.”

The letters and engagement ring are a part of a wider assortment of Hughes’ paperwork and private belongings that have been acquired from the household of the late Vernon C. Olson, who was personal accountant to Hughes.

Other objects embody the two-tone jacket Hughes wore whereas piloting his large Spruce Goose flying boat, his trademark fedora hat and contracts for a number of motion pictures.

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