BGMI 1.9 White Body No Recoil File

BGMI 2.2 White Body No Recoil APK: Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the most popular games in India. It also has a special feeling among young people in India.

When Pubg Mobile was banned in India, it made a lot of people angry and it hurt the gaming industry too. After a long wait of 2 years, Pubg Mobile ended their partnership.

The New Update 2.2 BGMI White Body No Recoil Config File Download Link will help you to locate your enemy from a long way. It is also used with the Fall or if he hides behind something like grass in order for him not to be able to use his own gun as cover against you, making it easier when spraying at close range! Alongside this downloadable file, we provide another type called ‘No recoil’. This will make those shots feel less jarring on an AR-15/SMG player’s wrist while aiming down sights.

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BGMI 2.2 White Body, No Grass, No Recoil, Config File [2022]

If you use Config File, it will help you do a Special Feature. You can also say a MOD. The BGMI White Body Config will change your enemy’s body to be white in color and make it higher in the z-index. If the enemy is high in the z-index, then they are easy to find if they are hiding behind something. This is how the white color mod works in BGMI. All the BGMI players can now download BGMI 2.2 APK Update for Android or IOS.

BGMI White Body No Recoil APK File
BGMI 2.2 White Body No Recoil File

I hope you understand the process of how to use BGMI 2.2 White Body No Recoil Files 2022. These files help reduce the recoil on any BGMI weapon to zero. That means your gun will not bounce up when you shoot it, making your gaming experience better. If you use these files, taking a chicken dinner will be a lot easier for you.

If the given file is not working or if the link is expired, then we will update it when we make a new one. So, you can bookmark this website or visit again later for a working download of BGMI White Body no reoil File Download.

BGMI 2.2 White Body No Grass 90Fps Config File Download

BGMI All Config File

How to Install White Body or No Recoil File in BGMI 2.2 Update

It is not hard to download and install the BGMI 2.2 White Body No Recoil APK Config File. If you have never installed a Config file before, then let me show you the exact steps to installing Battlegrounds Mobile India Config File.

1. You can get the White Body No Recoil File by clicking on the “Download” button above.

2. The given file is in .zip format. To open this, first, you need to extract it. You can use RAR, Zarchiver, and any other decompressor.

3. Download the Config file. Then, move the downloaded file to the below location.

4. Internal Storage > data > com.pubg.imobile > Data Folder. Paste the extracted file here.

5. Click on OK and Replace the new file with an existing file.

Congrats! You can now play Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI with a white body 2.2 and no recoil.

is it using White Body No Recoil File is Safe on BGMI 2.2?

BGMI is getting stricter every day. They have also banned over a million accounts from its formation. We do not recommend that you use this White Body No Recoil File directly on your main account since it might be detected by Krafton Security and then your account could be permanently or temporarily banned.

If you have something that is premium, or if you have lots of UC in your account, never use the hack on it. So, it’s better to use your demo account or new account first. If it works well without any problems then go for your main account. But try at YOUR OWN RISK.

So this is about BGMI 2.2 White Body No Recoil Config File. Remember to share with friends who also like playing BGMI. We have more BGMI files and mods on the BGMI page.

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