BlueStacks App Player is a free application for Windows and Mac, which lets you use your favorite Android applications on your computer and therefore enjoy a bigger screen.

Do you want to use your apps or play the games installed on your Android in full screen on your PC ? BlueStacks App Player is the app for you.

BlueStacks App Player is therefore a free and ad-free Android emulator that allows you to find a complete Android environment. The only difference is that you use your mouse and keyboard instead of a touchscreen. But the control system can be customizable according to your hardware and preferences, for a better user experience. The interface is intuitive and pleasant, and you even have the option of setting up macro scripts to automate certain repetitive tasks.

Using the option BlueStacks Cloud Connect, you will have no difficulty in getting your mobile device to recognize your computer. You will enjoy ten applications directly usable after installation, and then you will have the freedom to install thousands more, present on the Google Play Store.

You can obviously use BlueStacks for your games but also for all Android applications. For example, you can install your social networking applications, and even use them to test certain applications, before downloading and installing them on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can also manually add an APK file, previously downloaded, directly in the software interface.

Note that it is important to use a sufficiently powerful computer and an Internet connection, in order to make BlueStacks App Player work at its best.

Note that this software is compatible with computers equipped with Windows and Mac operating systems. If you are a Linux user, you will need to turn to Genymotion , an Android emulator available for download for Linux but also without downloading via the online service.

More info is available on the Windows News page and you can go to the Software Forum if you have any questions or encounter problems.


Last updateSeptember 2022
LicenceFree license
Downloads4813 (last 30 days)
Operating systemsWindows XP / Vista / 7/8/10, macOS
CategoriesInternet , Utilities