How to Download and Install Battlegrounds Mobile India for Android and iOS

We’ve been waiting months for Battlegrounds Mobile India to come to India, and the game was made available for pre-registration last month on Google Play Store.

I am happy to report that the wait is finally over! Battlegrounds Mobile is now available in India. Then check out how to download Battlegrounds Mobile India.

It is an exciting new battle royale game that has already been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. This article includes instructions for installing Battlegrounds Mobile India by using the official Google Play Store as well as APK + OBB files.

Mortal’s Sensitivity Settings and Control Code

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India 2021

Battlegrounds Mobile India will go live on June 18, according to official expectations. However, the game is currently available as a beta version. As part of this article, we will equip you with all the information that you need to join Battlegrounds Mobile India’s beta and download the game right away.

Update BGMI 1.5 APK

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How to Get Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access via Google Play Store

To download the Battleground Mobile India beta, follow these instructions. It’s easy. Just follow these steps.

Step 1: You can join the Battlegrounds Mobile India beta by visiting this link using your Android device or computer.

Step 2: When you have signed up for the tester program, you can download BGMI onto your Android smartphone and use it. If you used the same account to join the beta, you need to be logged in to the Play Store.

Download and Install Battlegrounds Mobile India
Download and Install Battlegrounds Mobile India

Step 3: Those are all the steps you need to take right now. Install the beta to start playing Battlegrounds Mobile India today!

There is no beta test available for Battlegrounds Mobile India at this time. This might mean you’re unable to join at the moment. Keep in mind that Krafton will be adding more beta slots on a regular basis, so watch for the slots to fill up.

Download and Install Battlegrounds Mobile India with APK + OBB Files

You might not be able to join the beta test right now, but you can install the game using the Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access APK and OBB files. You can download the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK and OBB files from our Telegram channel.

NameBattlegrounds Mobile India
File SizeAPK 65MB +OBB 638 MB
PublisherKrafton Gaming
SupportsAndroid 5.0 & Up
UpdatedJune 2021

Step 1: Download the Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access APK and OBB files link given below.

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK + OBB
Battlegrounds Mobile India Download Apps

Step 2: Open the ZIP file with your Android file manager app and extract it. Next, you'll need to Install the Battleground Mobile India APK. 

However, do not start the game immediately. Move on to the next step by tapping the “Done” button.
How to Download Battlegrounds Mobile India
How to Download Battlegrounds Mobile India

Step 3: Then you need to move the OBB file to the /Android/OBB folder on your phone. You can manually create an OBB folder within the Android directory if you don't find one.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access APK and OBB files

Step 4: Do not forget to place the Battlegrounds Mobile India OBB file inside the “com.pubg.imobile” folder. You will need to create the folder and paste the OBB file into it. In general, the following path should be followed:

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK
Paste file on OBB Folder

Step 5: You should allow the app's requested permissions before starting the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK Download
Allow Permission

Step 6: From your home screen or app drawer, select the app icon to open the game. After the installation, Battlegrounds Mobile India might take a few minutes to open, depending on your phone's chipset. In this period, be patient, as you have been all these months.

How to Download and Install Battlegrounds Mobile India
Waiting for Some time

Step 7: If this process is successful, you will receive a pop-up notifying you that the update has been completed. Click OK to restart the game.

How to Download and Install Battlegrounds Mobile India
Click Ok and Restart game

Final Step: Then, accept the terms of service and the privacy policy after the restart. The game is now ready for you to log in and start playing. 

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS 2021

Many Android users are rejoicing because Battlegrounds Mobile India has now become available to them, but iOS players still have to wait. Unfortunately, iOS users do not have access to pre-registration. Now BGMI is available on Apps Store, and you can download BGMI on iOS devices.

Download ZArchiver

In the event that PUBG Mobile becomes available for iOS users, many PUBG Mobile influencers believe that they will download the game.

Battlegrounds mobile india download ios
Battlegrounds mobile india download ios

A number of iOS users request Krafton's help with pre-registering Apple devices. On the official website of the game, Krafton responded to the question in the Support section. iOS players are assured that they will be kept updated if any new developments arise.

Visit the official website to learn about recent developments for iOS users. The latest news regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India can also be found on the official YouTube channel, Facebook page, Discord server, Instagram page, and Twitter page.

Battlegrounds Mobile India officially not Available on App Store. so you can't download it. We are updating soon for Download Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS users.

Conclusion on Download and Play Battlegrounds Mobile India

It's already possible to download Battlegrounds Mobile in India even before the game officially launches in the country. There isn't much change in the game, and while it's nice to see a popular Battle Royale game back in India, it's good to see it return. How about Battlegrounds Mobile India? Have you installed it yet? How do you feel about it? Please share your thoughts below in the comment section.

People Also Ask

Is Battleground Mobile India launched on iOS?

As of right now, iOS users cannot participate in the Battlegrounds Mobile pre-registration. Krafton responded when asked when the iOS version would be released, "We will keep our fans apprised of further developments.".

How do I download battleground mobile?

1.Battlegrounds Mobile India can be pre-registered on the Play Store.
2.Please click on this early access link.
3.In case of full slots, please try again later. ...
4.You can apply to be a beta tester.
5.If you have the game installed on your device, you will receive an update.

How many MB is battleground Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India contains a 721 MB download file. The game will then ask you to choose between a Low-spec Resource Pack and a HD Resource Pack, which will take up 379.6 MB or 618.2 MB, respectively.

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