Actor Teresa Palmer reveals motherhood healed her eating disorder orthorexia

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Actor Teresa Palmer has revealed the shock ‘cure’ that helped her heal her eating disorder.

The Adelaide born Hollywood star informed Mamamia podcast Me After You that she suffered from orthorexia, a kind of yet-to-be-classified eating disorder that sees victims obsess over meals.

People with orthorexia have an unhealthy give attention to the dietary make-up of meals, and in lots of circumstances folks find yourself obsessively calorie counting.

Palmer mentioned she would solely devour issues of “the highest quality”.

“I wouldn’t eat anything (that had been) stripped of its nutritional value,” she confessed.

“And it was exhausting, utterly exhausting, to log every calorie and be so overly conscious of the food I was putting into my body.”

Palmer revealed that her eating disorder began in 2009, after her agent on the time made an offhand remark about her determine.

She mentioned the remark stayed with her for years to return.

“She said, ‘Do you know what? you should start working out, because that’s a part of your job. You need to make sure that you look really good,’ and I was like, ‘oh I thought I did look good’.”

But with the good thing about 2020 hindsight, Palmer admits that she was “so little still” regardless of her agent’s feedback.

“Yes, I wasn’t perfectly sculpted, but that really set off this huge whirlwind of unhealthy obsession surrounding food,” she mentioned.

But that every one modified when she launched into a journey she felt destined for — turning into a mom — which she mentioned healed her mindset and strategy to her physique.

“My body just blossomed and I had this big belly and I could feel life within me,” Palmer defined.

“It was simply unimaginable seeing what my physique might do, I used to be getting stretch marks on my boobs and cellulite throughout my bum and the backs of my thighs.

“My bum has by no means been this shapeless ever in my life, however truly, I simply don’t care.”

Palmer — who has now given start to a few youngsters — mentioned that motherhood helped her “embrace” all of her imperfections.

“(My body is) a map of my journey of bringing my babies into the world,” she mentioned.

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