Easy Ways to Fix Snapchat Sound not Working 2021

Aren’t you frustrated when your favorite app stops working properly? Many users recently reported that their Snapchat sound not working. They might play a Snapchat story or Snap Video without hearing any sound. Likewise, this problem has spread to all other social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

This issue could be caused by many factors. It depends on how serious they are. It is also possible to easily solve the issue by using a few easy methods. This article will explain what you should do when the Snapchat Notification sound stops working.

Fix Snapchat Sound not Working 2021

Snapchat sound issues can be caused by two things. One issue could be with your smartphone. If there is a problem with the device, other sounds will probably not work. Another possible cause is the app; if all other apps are working, the problem is likely software-related. There are a variety of fixes depending on which problem it is. here check Fix Snapchat Voice Message not Loading on Android & iOS

Snapchat sound issues can be caused by two things. One issue could be with your smartphone. If there is a problem with the device, other sounds will probably not work. Another possible cause is the app; if all other apps are working, the problem is likely software-related. There are a variety of fixes depending on which problem it is.

Here’s How to Fix Snapchat Sound not Working on Android and iOS devices.

The Trouble with Your Phone

It is important to first understand where the Snapchat sound issue originates if you wish to fix it. If the issue is with your device, try the following troubleshooting options.

Check Volume – What about the volume? Is it turned down?
Check Ringtone or Speaker – Do your ringtones work? Do your other alerts work as well? If not, it could be an issue with your speakers or settings.
Check App Permissions – Do Snapchat’s settings allow access to your microphone?
Check Bluetooth Connected – Bluetooth has been turned on and is connected to an unidentified device.

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Issues with the App

Check Update – Have you updated the app in Google Play or App Store? Older applications may not function correctly.
Sound is working in other apps – do YouTube and Facebook work?
Check Snapchat Status – Is there anything wrong with Snapchat on the DownDetector website?

Finding a solution is much easier once you identify the problem. We will talk about how you can get your sound working again.

How to Fix Snapchat Sound not Working

Here are some options you can try if your phone seems to be having issues:

Fixing the Problem with Your Phone

#1. Check Your Phone’s Silent Mode

Almost everyone forgets their phone’s most basic features. If that’s the case, you will need to check your phone’s Silent mode before proceeding.

You may have just forgotten to turn on the sound again after putting your phone in Silent mode by accident. With Silent mode turned on, most smartphones don’t play a Snapchat sound or any other app sound.

You can fix this by turning off your phone’s Silent mode and enabling auto-play sound when you open Snapchat. 

For iPhone users, there is a toggle switch on the right side of the body.

snapchat sound not working
toggle switch up and down

To ensure that Android phones are not on silent, Android users might need to check their settings.

Snapchat notification sound not working

#2. Check Your Phone’s Volume 

You can adjust the volume on your phone in four different ways. Ringtones, Media, Notifications, and System are several of these settings. Each one can be configured according to your preferences.

For the problem at hand, Media and Notifications are important options. You will need to turn up the volume for both of these options. By pressing the volume button on your phone and tapping the Settings icon next to Ringtone, you can access these configurations.

Snapchat sound not working 2021

Additionally, you can turn up the volume after a Snapchat video is playing so you can check it out. The volume of your Media will immediately rise.

Sound options on iPhones are fewer than those on Android. Verify that the volume is set high in the ‘Sounds & Haptics’ settings.

#3. Turn Off Your Phone’s Bluetooth

Bluetooth speakers (or similar devices) that are connected to your mobile phone may still be using your phone’s sound. You can try turning off Bluetooth on your phone and playing Snapchat stories and videos again.

Snapchat microphone not working
Turn off Bluetooth

#4. Reboot Your Mobile Device

It is one of the most basic ways to solve any problem related to the application. In most cases, it works if there is a minor error, such as the application does not load correctly. Therefore, if the normal reboot cannot solve the load problem, try to give a full reboot.

For Apple Device – For iPhone Users, Press and Release Volume Up Button, Press and Release Volume Down Button, and then Press Power Button until you see Apple Logo.

For Android Device – For Android Users, hold the Power Button and Volume Down button together until you see the next screen. Then follow the prompts and restart your device.

#5. Allow App Permissions

Check your phone’s settings and make sure the Microphone permission is enabled, regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android. Regardless of whether you can hear the audio or not, turn on the permissions and restart the application if you are having trouble recording audio. Also, Check our guide Snapchat Microphone not Working

how to get sound on Snapchat videos
Allow Permission

Is there still no sound?

It still won’t play any sound no matter what you do. Most likely, this is a hardware problem. There are various things you can try: cleaning your speakers (use a soft brush to clean them), removing the case from your phone (even if you haven’t removed it for a long time), or taking it to a specialist to have it replaced.

Fixing the Problem with Your App

Given your other applications have been functioning properly, we should concentrate on the Snapchat application.

#1. Reinstall Or Update Snapchat App:

In addition to the above, an un-updated app may encounter glitches and bugs. It is possible to update an app if the option is available. Check if the sound is working by closing and restarting the app.

When you get rid of the app, this clears the cache and clears all the information that the apps store on your phone.

You can follow the steps below to update or reinstall the Snapchat app.

Snapchat video sound distorted
Delete Or Update Snapchat App
  1. Uninstall/Remove the Snapchat application.

2. If you’re an Android user, visit the Play Store, or visit the App Store for iPhones.

3. Make sure you Update the latest Snapchat version, install it, and turn on the GPS on your phone.

#2. Clear the Snapchat Cache

An internal cache stores a copy of the information in the CPU memory. Once you have installed Snapchat, the cache gets started gathering data from the app. When a cache is full, the app may also have problems, so clearing it may resolve the issue.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to clearing the cache of Snapchat.

  1. Go to the app’s upper left corner and tap the profile icon.
Snapchat sound not working
Click on profile icon

2. Go to the upper right side of the screen and tap on the Settings gear icon.

Snapchat sound not working
Tap on Settings icon

3. You can clear all Snapchat cache by tapping on the Clear Cache icon below the Account action section.

Snapchat sound not working
Click on Clear Cache

#3. Contact Snapchat for Help

You can directly contact Snapchat by visiting the Settings section within the app. You can do this by tapping on your profile icon in the upper right corner, then tapping the settings cog. Report the issue by tapping ‘I spotted a bug’ or shaking the device.

Snapchat sound not working
Tap on I spotted a bug

Particularly useful if certain sounds don’t work (such as Bitmoji sounds). Please provide all details in order for Snapchat to provide you with more troubleshooting tips or a helpful solution. Click here to Contact Snapchat Support.

#4. Turn the Volume Up then Down

Clicking the Volume Up button and then clicking the Volume Down button instantly resolved this problem for users with this issue. It seems to be an excellent solution, even though we don’t know how it works exactly.

By using the volume buttons on your phone, you can alert the app that you are trying to listen to. It should start working as soon as it understands that you need sound, without you having to reinstall the app or clear the cache.


The most common Snapchat sound problems are also very simple to solve. The article describes a few methods that might aid in fixing the issue, and it is likely that you will be able to hear the sound once again in Snapchat.

Would you mind telling me if there are any other causes for Snapchat sound not working properly? If so, how can it be fixed? Your tips are welcome in the comments section below.

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