Alicia Machado confesses intimate details of her romance with Luis Miguel: “I feel sorry”


The former Miss Universe answered what the singer is like in bed

Although little is known about Luis Miguel’s sentimental life, recently some details of the romance he had with Alicia Machado came to light more than twenty years ago.

The former Venezuelan Miss Universe lived an affair with the singer in 1996, but it was during a dynamic in the program ‘Tu-Night’, hosted by Omar Chaparro , where she decided to end the speculation once and for all, sharing some details of the relationship.

In the heated interview that actress Scarlet Ortiz and Lupillo Rivera also attended as luxury guests, the former beauty queen surprised by confessing how Luis Miguel is in bed.

“ I can’t answer it, I never had sex with him, never, never. To the disappointment of many of you girls, what a shame, “he said in front of the cameras.

However, she pointed out between laughs and a few shots of tequila that she was fortunate enough to enjoy some kisses from the “Sol de México”:

“ But at that time I was 18 years old, it was our close encounter of the third kind. A beautiful gentleman, very rich (the kisses) “, she recalled.

And she ended her answer by assuring that she feels sorry: ” I feel very bad because it didn’t happen, I feel sorry for what didn’t happen .”

In another round of questions, the native of Maracay, Venezuela, made another fiery confession that left everyone present cold when Omar Chaparro asked which famous married man has tried to take her to bed, to which she confessed that it was the singer Ricardo Arjona: ” Yes, it was rude,” she concluded without giving more details about what happened with the Guatemalan singer-songwriter.

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