Death Stranding is already on its version 1.03 and there are still three days left until its Launch on PS4

The latest update of the Hideo Kojima game improves balance and corrects “multiple problems.

One of the most anticipated games of this final stretch of the year is Death Stranding, a work that has not left anyone indifferent. The video game of Hideo Kojima goes on sale in the coming days but, as it is increasingly customary, the title already accumulates several patches behind it.

The most recent has to do with bringing the title to its version 1.03, with a new patch of 1GB that comes to correct some problems of the title (not specified), improves the balance of the game, makes some changes in the translation and updates the version of the data of the saved games. It should be noted that the game has been available to the press to carry out its reviews for several weeks now.

The game, in any case, goes on sale in just a few days, and from the pages of 3D Games, you can take a look at our analysis of Death Stranding to know, without spoilers, our opinion on the title.