Samsung Galaxy Crashing Apps Issue and Solution

If apps on your Samsung Phones are crashing frequently, you may be wondering what you can do about it. So how to fix the Samsung app crashing issue?

Fix Samsung Apps Crashing Issue and Solution – Every app may experience various crashing or stopping issues from time to time. On the other hand, if this situation has become more frequent, you may begin to think that something is wrong. But how to fix the Samsung apps crashing problem and what can you do about it?

There can be many reasons behind the frequent crashes of a mobile app. Some of these may be related to your device or connections, while others are directly related to the developers. For this very reason, the solutions lie in finding the source of the problem. Here’s a list of Samsung Galaxy Apps Crashing issues.

Samsung M31, Samsung A5, Samsung S20, Samsung A5, Samsung S2, Samsung s9

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How to Fix Android App Crash Problem?

  • Restart your device
  • Check for Updates
  • Check Internet Connection
  • Clear App Data
  • Reinstall the App
  • Factory Reset Your Device

1- Restart your device

Almost all of the problems you may experience in mobile applications consist of instant errors that will be fixed by turning your device off and on again. Therefore, if you have not done so, turn off your smartphone or tablet and try to use the application by restarting it.

If the problem is not resolved or it returns to its original state after turning it off and on after a while, we may suspect more serious problems: In this case, you should follow the steps below.

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2- Check for Updates

The error you are experiencing may possibly be caused by the application itself or the version of the operating system you are using. Therefore, open the Play Store and visit the app’s page and check if there is a pending update. If an update is available, restart your device after installing it.

In addition, outdated operating system can cause similar errors. After opening the Settings app, go to System -> About and check if any updates are available. If an update is available here, install it on your device as well.

In some cases, the problems can be problems that can affect millions of users globally. In such cases, application developers are starting to work to release a quick update. If there is no update when you check for updates, be sure to check back later. In addition, our recommendation is to keep the update settings on automatic.

3- Check Your Internet Connection

We know that in various situations, a poor internet connection can cause apps to crash and freeze. For this reason, you should confirm that your internet connection is at sufficient speed and stability with various internet speed test tools . If there is a problem with your connection, you should contact your mobile operator or internet service provider.

4- Clear App Data

This step involves a slightly more drastic response plan. First, open the Settings app and click on the Apps menu. From here, find the application you are having trouble with and press the Clear Cache and Clear Data buttons respectively. Don’t forget to restart your device after these steps.

As a small reminder, clearing the cache and data of the application may mean that your various information and progress will be lost. For this reason, we recommend that you make sure that you have followed the other steps before following this step.

5- Reinstall the App

If you still cannot find a solution after the steps you have taken, uninstall the application from your device and reinstall it via Play Store. After the app is reinstalled, turn off your device before launching it and turn it back on after a few minutes.

6- Factory Reset Your Device

Again, as a drastic action plan, you can consider factory resetting your device. Likewise, remember that after this step, all applications, information and data installed on your device that have not been backed up will be lost. To reset your device, you can go to Settings -> System -> Factory Reset .


In this guide, we took a closer look at how you can fix the Samsung Apps crashing issue you’re experiencing with apps on your Samsung Galaxy device. If the problem persists after following the steps above, you may want to try reinstalling the software on your device or contacting the authorized technical service.

So what do you think about the information we have included in this guide? Do not forget to share your views on the subject with us and our other readers in the comments tab below.

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