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Huawei Presents Harmony OS: The Anti-Android Operating System

harmony os Android operating system
harmony os Android operating system

Huawei has introduced HarmonyOS, the new alternative operating system to Android. Here are the features and how it works.

Huawei launches the challenge to Google and Apple and presents HarmonyOS, the open-source, multi-platform operating system that should replace Android in the Chinese company’s ideas. It does so from the stage of the Huawei Developers Conference 2019, the first event dedicated to developers organized by the Chinese company. Defining Harmony OS is an operating system that is reductive, in reality, it is an ecosystem that can adapt to any type of device: smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, smart displays, and smart speakers.

Huawei has been working on the operating system since 2017, but only in the last few months has there been an acceleration to the project. The reason is very simple: the ban imposed by Trump that forces US companies to block any commercial agreement with Huawei. And among these companies, there is also Google that can no longer issue the Android certification to Huawei devices. For the time being the trading, the block was suspended until mid-August, but Hauweiwanted to send a strong and clear signal: if he could no longer use Android, he would have the alternative ready.

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What is HarmonyOS:

Harmony OS is the open-source operating system developed by Huawei for its ecosystem consisting of smart TVs, smartwatches, smart speakers, headphones and smart displays. Harmony OS is a flexible platform, able to adapt to any type of device.

The features of Harmony OS:

Harmony OS was presented by Richard Yu, CEO of the Consumer Business Group division, which highlighted the advantages of the software platform compared to other operating systems on the market (iOS and Android):

  • compatible with multiple devices
  • flexible (applications need to be developed only once)
  • compatible with Android, Linux, and web-apps
  • latency reduced to a minimum
  • sure

Application development is simplified with Harmony OS. At the software houses, it will be enough to develop only one version of the app and then it will automatically adapt to the device. A feature was not present on Android and iOS.

Harmony OS is an open-source operating system built with a safe and reliable architecture. Huawei engineers have long worked to make the OS impregnable: by operating on devices that are very different from each other, user data must be protected from any hacker attack.

The other feature that makes HarmonyOS unique is compatibility with Android apps. According to Richard Yu, it takes two days to migrate an application from Android to HarmonyOS. This is very interesting and shows that Hauwei would be ready to migrate all Hauwei smartphones running Android on their OS in a few weeks.

Finally, Huawei promises that latency is minimized and Harmony OS’s performance is superior to Android.

When Harmony OS arrives:

Huawei has also shown a road map with the next steps of Harmony OS. From today the HarmonyOS 1.0 code is available, while the first device with the new operating system will arrive by autumn and should be the Honor Vision TV. In 2020, instead, the first PCs, notebooks, smartwatches and smart bands with HarmonyOS will arrive. In 2021, VR devices and smart speakers will follow.

Trump is warned: Huawei has an exit strategy ready in case negotiations with China are not successful.

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