How to Turn on And Turn off iPhone flashlight in iOs

If you’re wondering how to turn off the iPhone flashlight, I could help you. As you already know, iOS includes a function that allows you to use the camera flash as if it were a torch. This option is available in the Control Center. After activating it, if you use it for some time, the screen will turn off to save battery and the iPhone will be locked. Therefore, it remains a little inconvenient to go and stop there from there. But don’t worry, because this time there is a solution.

To help you, in this guide I tell you how to turn off iPhone flashlight. In addition to explaining the traditional method, I show you how to turn off the flashlight without unlocking the screen. Then let’s not waste any more time, let’s start right away.

How to turn off iPhone flashlight:

How to turn on iPhone flashlight

When you wonder how to turn off iPhone flashlight, it’s clear that you do it to find out if there are other ways to turn it off. And you did well to ask yourself, because, as I said, you can speed up the flash off.

Below, I illustrate all the methods you can use to solve the problem. Choose and apply the one that best suits your needs.

Control Center:

how to turn on flashlight notification on iphone 6
iPhone control center

hen you wonder how to turn off iPhone flashlight, you could use the Control Center, but not as you think. So far, to open the Control Center, unlock the screen with the code. Then rub your finger from bottom to top to make it appear. Finally, touch the Torch icon to turn it off. Have you ever tried to perform the same movement without unlocking the screen? Because starting from iOS 10 you can open the Control Center from any screen, even from there.

Therefore, the first alternative method you could use to turn off an iPhone flashlight could be this. In summary, just turn on the screen by pressing the Home button or the Standby / Reactivate button and then swipe from bottom to top to bring up the Control Center on the lock screen. Finally, press the Torch symbol to deactivate it.

To do this earlier, you could also activate the ” Raise to Wake ” function, to wake up the display by simply raising it. You find it following the path Settings> Display and brightness. Yes, right where there is also Night Shift. The “Raise to Wake” function, however, is only available for some devices that have iOS 10 or higher versions installed. Specifically, I’m talking about iPhone SEiPhone 6siPhone 6s PlusiPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

It is also true that your iPhone may not have iOS 10. Or, you may not want to use the Control Center anymore. In these cases, use the next procedure.

Lock screen:

how to turn on flashlight on iphone

Another function you can use when you wonder how to turn off iPhone flashlight is the lock screen. When the flash is on, after a short time, the screen turns off. As soon as you have finished using the flashlight,  the lock screen appears if you press the Power button. Here, to disable the torch without entering the code, you could simulate the activation of the Camera. Be careful, I said simulate, so you don’t have to do it for real.

Specifically, when you see the lock screen, you have to rub your finger from right to left, slowly and without releasing it. As soon as you can turn off the iPhone flashlight, go back to the right to reset the lock screen.

To speed up the deactivation of the flash, if you have a higher model than iPhone SE and the device has iOS 10, also use ” Raise to Wake “. You can enable this feature by accessing the route Settings> Display and brightness. With it, you could make the screen turn on without keys.

We hope you are all the success.

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