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Letter to the King Season 2 on Netflix, Released Date, storyline, Plot and more

letter to the king released date

While everyone is waiting for the “new Game Of Thrones”, titles appear that call our attention and promise to get as close as possible. This is the case of Letter to the King, a series recently launched by Netflix, and which is already in demand for the 2nd season.

Initially, the series received some mixed reviews, but as Netflix needs series of the genre, new episodes are likely to come around.

Has the series been renewed?

To date, there has been no confirmation about renewing the series for new episodes. This is absolutely normal since it is the 1st season of a series, which was recently released.

As these are only eight episodes, Netflix is ​​likely to bet on renewing the series soon. However, we still need to wait for an official endorsement of the service.

In case of any news, we will inform you here.

Released date – When new episodes will arrive on Netflix 

It all depends on when Netflix will renew the series. We have seen that usually the original Netflix productions have an interval of 12 to 18 months between one season and another. But, due to the recent problems of the coronavirus, perhaps this will drag on a little more.

Anyway, an optimistic prediction would be that the series could arrive with new episodes, until  July 2021.

Beware of Spoilers: What can happen in Season 2?

The second season can be resumed from the end of the first season. After finally becoming a knight, Tiuri and his friends can make a journey to serve their true purpose.

We can really learn the truth behind the mysterious strength of the first season. We can expect to see some high-octane battles between the two rival political kingdoms. The second season may also shed some more light on the prophecy that declares the emergence of a hero. Is Tiuri the unlikely hero? He has what it takes to save his people from the darkness and future threats that loom over their lands.

Although the Netflix production clashes with some of the original material, Gijs Blom in an interview with news channel, also gave some details about the continuity of the series.

“In my opinion, the book is so brilliant that you will fail. It’s just… you shouldn’t try to overcome it, or whatever. We took the message and created our own story. Well, he has a different story.

“We had a lot of freedom because it was more about what Tonke was trying to tell. You can read the book, watch the series and have two different experiences. I find that very powerful. And the two remain in the same message ”.

The cast – Who will return for season 2?

Except for a few, almost all the main cast members of the first season reprise their roles in the second season. Amir Wilson (‘His Dark Materials’) will return as the central character Tiuri, the future good-hearted knight. Ruby Ashbourne Serkis (‘National Treasure’) will play the role of Tiuri’s smart travel partner, Princess Lavinia. Gijis Blom (‘Painkillers’) can reprise his role as the enigmatic and brave Prince Unidio Viridiano.

The returning cast may also include Nathanael Saleh as Tiuri’s brother, Piak, Thaddea Graham as Iona, Islam Bouakkaz as Arman, Jack Barton as Foldo, Jonah Lees as Jussipo, Jakob Oftebro as Prince Iridium, Yorick Van Wageningen as King Favian, Emilie Cocquereul as Queen Alienor, Peter Ferdinando as Jaro, Tawfeek Barhom as Jabroot and many others. The second season may also include some new additions to the cast.

The plot:

The first season follows the adventures of Tiuri, an accidental squire who feels he doesn’t deserve to be a knight. Then we see him striving to fulfill the legendary Black Knight’s wish to die, that is, delivering a letter to King Favian, alerting him to Prince Viridian’s evil plans to take over the world.

On the way, he meets a valuable but dark princess, Princess Lavinia, and together they face the dangers that lie ahead. Throughout the season, we see Lavinia and Tiuri, facing threats ranging from Red Riders, a traveling wizard, to fellow squires who turn against Tiuri. The end sees a final battle full of betrayal, greed and doubt, which culminates in Tiuri finally embracing his cavalry and becoming Sir Tiuri, the Brave.

Watch a series trailer:

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