How to Send a Voice Message on Snapchat

In this Guide, We will show you How to Send a Voice Message on Snapchat.

There are many creative and fun tools on Snapchat, which is a photo and video-sharing app. In addition to photos and videos, Snap’s video and messaging capabilities are also popular, including Bitmoji avatars, photo filters, and AR lenses.¬†

Snapchat also allows you to send voice messages to your friends. Snapchat’s voice messaging feature is easily its least-used feature, and though it isn’t intuitive, it isn’t difficult to use.¬†Here’s a Guide check out Snapchat Voice Message not Loading on Android & iOS.

It’s easy. Here’s how. 

How to Send Voice Messages on Snapchat

1. Go to your Snapchat app and swipe your finger from left to right. 

2. Choose a friend you wish to send your voice message to. 

How to send a voice message on Snapchat
Snapchat Friends List

3. Press and hold the microphone icon on the “Send a chat” bar.

how to send voice message on snapchat
hold the Microphone icon

4. Keep your friend pressed down as you begin your voicemail. Your screen will display Red lines while you speak.

Send Snapchat Voice Message
display Red lines while you speak

5. When you are finished recording, lift your finger off the microphone icon. Voice messages will automatically be sent, and Red lines will turn white. 

How to send a voice message on Snapchat 2021

6. If you decide to cancel a recording while it is being recorded, swipe your finger left to cancel it. 

How to send a voice message on Snapchat to your friends
delete Voice Recording to swipe left

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