New Phase Beta Test, Supercell Officially Closed Rush Wars Because it was considered Not According to Expectations!

Supercell closed Rush Wars after being rated as not meeting the target’s expectations during the Beta Test period of around 3 months, from the Developer’s perspective to the Beta tester of this game not being rated as expected. As said, Fans did not like the initial beta test that was distributed for several reasons, this Beta test was launched starting last August. Supercell also has made several updates, but they themselves assess this game still ‘cannot’ be released because it does not match the expectations of the creators.

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“When we started developing Rush Wars, the team’s goal was to create different types of build and battle games that ordinary players (All walks of life) could enjoy,” Supercell said on his official blog. “During the beta, we want to try things that can change the game in different ways (new breakthroughs), to see what will happen in terms of strategy and gameplay to make it more challenging and change dynamics.” (More friendly but still makes collect)

Image Source: APKPURE

But since its launch, Rush Wars has had problems with gameplay that is considered repetitive (quickly bored). This is considered no different from the titles of games that have previously been released, such as Brawl Stars and Boom Beach. This is what makes Supercell look like a “Wave Check” or just a survey and want to know, whether this new game project can meet the expectations of Fans and Developers before it is fully released for Android and iOS.

“We made a few changes with a few updates,” “However, the changes we make do not help the game in the long run or change the style of the game enough to make it as fun as we want it to be,” the Developer said via his official Blog.

So for now, Rush Wars is officially no longer available because it has been completely shut down due to the reasons we gave above.

Supercell step to close Rush Wars is about the game that performs poorly, but it is also known thanks to information via Venturebeat, that Supercell is also developing other games, maybe Rush Wars is one of the game prototypes in question, therefore Supercell seems to be ready for experimentation again with new concepts and titles.

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