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What is AirDrop and How Does it work?

what is airdrop
what is airdrop

An AirDrop is an own tool of iOS and Mac whose specific function is to share various files among users who use products from the Apple company. It is understood by several files: photos, videos, notes, news, lists, etc. For the products of the Apple company, we refer to iOS and Mac.

This came as an innovation. Why? Simple, thanks to this function we can pass files from iPhone to iPhone, from our iPhone to our Mac or from our Mac to a friend. Possibilities there are and are varied. You have to make a paragraph: this is only allowed for Apple users. This function does not allow the transfer of files to Android.

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This is a wonderful tool. Remember how was the transfer of files between iOS users? It was extremely cumbersome. But with this wonder, it is very simple. Once you learn to manage it, sending photos or videos to your friends will be easy. Here we explain how to use AirDrop and why to use it.

How does AirDrop work and what should I do to handle it?

AirDrop requires that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are active on your mobile. The reason is very simple: the wi-fi is used for the transfer of the files we want to share. In addition, Bluetooth is used to detect nearby devices that we want to send files to. Once both converge, the AirDrop function is activated.

Sure you think: “How can I make the transfer of a file if I do not have wi-fi nearby?” Do not be afraid. We commented that this is a specific function of the operating system. Once you make the connection with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it is responsible for sending it through its own function. Of course, wi-fi helps make it faster, but it is not life or death to have it close.

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In addition, it makes the transfer of files faster and more direct. Perhaps sending documents or videos via Bluetooth or WhatsApp (to name an instant messaging application) is somewhat slow. That’s why this wonderful tool also exists. You can pass any number of files quickly.

Clarification: You can transfer files as long as copyright is not affected. We know how this iOS system works. For example, you can transfer the link of a movie, but not the movie as such.

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Configure AirDrop:

To use AirDrop, we already mentioned the most important thing that we need: active wi-fi and Bluetooth. Once we do this, we go to the control center. The AirDrop feature should already be lit, which means we are ready to transfer files or send them. We just have to be aware of the configuration of receiving files.

This configuration of receiving files is divided into:

  • Anyone: Everyone can send files through this system.
  • The ones that you have among your contacts: Only your contacts will be able to send you files. For this function you must have the mobile number or the iCloud e-mail of the friend who wants to share the file with you.
  • Nobody: Automatically the system is deactivated.

Similarly, to transfer files, either unknown or friends, you must approve it manually. That is, nothing will be sent to your mobile without your prior authorization. Privacy is always a priority for this company, which is appreciated.

Receiving and sending files using AirDrop:

For the reception of files through AirDrop , it is only necessary that the mentioned configurations are given and the users are nearby . Remember: They must be close enough for the system to detect the other user who wants to send you the file. You just have to accept the reception and that’s it.

To send a file, you just have to choose it. Then, we mark ‘Share’ and we must select the tool ‘AirDrop’ and it will show us the active users. All we have to do is choose the receiver and have the other person accept the transfer and that’s it.

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AirDrop is a really useful and easy to use application. Its main function, in addition to making the transfer simple, helps us a lot to save our data. Since the connection is made through wi-fi (although it is not life or death to have it close), we are saving our browsing data from our mobile. Thanks, iOS, for AirDrop.

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