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How to use Hootsuite – Set up your Account

How to use Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular content management tools currently, since, through this tool we can perform different content programming, through Hootsuite you can organize the publications or post that you will upload to your social networks, in addition to that, this tool It helps you see the responses and reactions of people to your publications, you can organize topics and observe the performance, rise or fall of your audience.

This tool, as you can see, is very useful, and you can associate it with Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, and Linkedin, however, this only allows you to associate three social network accounts to manage them, but, in case you want to link more Social media accounts with this tool, you will have to pay some of their monthly plans.

Without further delay, we will teach you how to use Hootsuite, so you can create your account and configure it as you like.

We will create an account

Registering in this tool is very simple, however, you must already have the session initiated in the social networks that you want to link with Hootsuite, why should I do that? Hootsuite, when registering you will be asked for permission to link to each of the social networks you choose, so don’t wait any longer and go to Hootsuite , enter specifically by that link, since if you search for Hootsuite on google, it will only give you the option to register with a free 30-day trial.

Click on “Create new account” and click on “start now” in the plan that is totally free, place your data, after this Hootsuite will open a window in which you will be asked for the social networks to which you want to connect or link with the tool, connect it with the three main social networks that you want, in case of some of these social networks you will have to authorize the tool, that is, it will open a tab in which it will tell you what the tool can do in your network social, place what you ask and authorize Hootsuite.

It should be noted

You must be attentive, since, if you have several company pages on Facebook, you will have to choose only one and that is the one you will manage and program with Hootsuite, however, you can also manage your personal Facebook profile. When you finish connecting and linking all your social networks to the tool you can proceed to click on “Continue” a tab will appear in which you will press “Done adding social networks”

Immediately a new window will open in which they will show you what your Hootsuite home page will be , if you want to add another social network to your home to manage it along with the others you will have to click on your profile picture, which is located in the upper left corner, after this, the options menu will automatically be displayed, proceed to click on your name and Hootsuite will let you add or remove the different social networks that you have linked to this tool.

If you want to add Instagram, all you have to do is click on “Add social network”, a pop-up window will open immediately that will tell you what other social networks you can link to Hootsuite, select “Instagram” and place all the requirements that you Request to authorize it.

And ready!

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