Coronavirus Lockdown: People at home missing ‘Mirzapur 2’ a demand for release from Amazon Prime

Countries around the world are troubled by Coronavirus. The virus named Covid-19 has also shown its outbreak in India. A 21-day lock-down has been announced in the country to fight the virus. Even before this, the lock-down has been going on in many states of the country since 22 March.

People are locked in their homes due to lock down and government guidelines. People are not getting out of homes. In such a situation, people are constantly using online platforms to pass time. People are constantly searching for new web series and movies. In such a situation, some social media users are missing the second season of Amazon Prime Video’s flagship series ‘Mirzapur’.

On social media, users are constantly demanding that at the time of this lockdown, at least release ‘Mirzapur season 2’. People are saying that when this happens, their good time will pass. Facebook user Charu Pandey writes, “Yaar Mirzapur 2 release, some time will pass”. At the same time, Twitter user Atulit Mishra writes, ‘Just think, you are sitting in quarantine watching Mirzapur 2’. Apart from these, many other users are also making similar demands.

What About Mirzapur 2 Status?

Fans have long been obsessed with the second season of ‘Mirzapur’. However, Amazon Prime Video, the platform that created the show, has not yet made any such announcement. According to Amazon, this series will be released this year. However, no announcement has been made regarding its release date yet. Amazon definitely shares related mimes with it. At the same time, a teaser of the series has also arrived. Now it has to be seen what Amazon Prime Video announces about this. At this time, Amazon Prime can benefit greatly from the release of ‘Mirzapur’.

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