PUBG Mobile v0.15.5: the changelog is very long, and there is also the new Royale Pass Season 10!

New update coming for the most profitable mobile game in the world, or PUBG Mobile. The new version, v0.15.5, will be available to everyone from tomorrow, November 8th, and all those who update the game by November 14th will receive: 20 silver, 2,000 BP and 1 Blue Glider Trail.

The most important news concerns the introduction of the new  Royale Pass Season 10 with the theme “Fury of the Wasteland” and the addition of a new map for the deathmatch team called Ruins. But they won’t be the only ones.

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In fact, we find a new light machine gun (MP5K), which will only appear in Vikendi, replacing the Vector, a new vehicle (Zima) which, again in Vikendi, will replace the UAZ. Then there are new rewards for 8-Day, the possibility of bringing a hawk to the game as a support and a new character (Sara, a vehicle engineer). The changelog is very long, and we advise you to enjoy it by going to the link at the source.

The update lost 0.21 GB on Android and 0.24 GB on iOS. Unfortunately, different versions of the game will not be able to play together. And, rest assured, servers will not be sent offline for this update.

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