How to Play PUBG After Banned in India


Hello friends, once again we warmly greet you in this post. As you all know that PUBG has become a popular mobile game in our country India. Recently, Tiktok was also made in the country of India, due to which the company suffered greatly. Talking about today’s young generation, these 2 mobile apps i.e. TikTok and PUBG were quite popular among them. Being a Tiktok ban, people are getting more than a shock, now PUBG is getting seen by being banned. It is as if the crowd has emerged on the Internet and social media platforms. This is really bad news because many people like this game. How to play PUBG after banned in India.

This game was effective in spending their free time easily. Everyone is giving their opinion if someone is in favor of it, then some people are seen speaking against it. Since it has been announced by the Government of India that now PUBG will be banned completely in India, in such a situation, people on the internet and social media sites are interested in knowing what will happen next? Can PUBG play after PUBG ban? People are seen searching on Google, ”  how to play pubg after ban “. Looking at these things, we are going to tell you through our portal that this game can be played after PUBG is banned in India. If it can be played then how?

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PUBG Korean(KR) Version (apk, obb) Download apk pure | Step By Step

Virtual Apk Download For Android [Virtual For PUBG]

How long will the PUBG ban be in India?

Right now PUBG can play on mobile phones, but after the complete ban is implemented, you will not be able to play this game. Let us tell you that to completely ban the game, the ISP in the country also needs to blacklist every hostname and domain name associated with the game, so this process may take a few days.

How to play PUBG after PUBG is banned

Players Unknown Battle Ground, popularly known as PUBG, is a very popular battle royal game, which thrills millions of people around the world. The game was launched in 2017 and has since proved to be the most popular in the online gaming community. The game has also established a large presence in the esports industry.

India has always been one of the largest markets for video games owned by Tencent, with over 175 million installations from India alone. However, the battlefield game has now been banned by the Ministry of Information and Technology in the country under its latest action on Chinese-linked mobile applications. PUBG is one of 118 Chinese-controlled mobile apps, which have been suspended for use in India following a new round of confrontations with Chinese troops in Ladakh. Although many users have accepted the suspension, many Indian gamers are wondering how to play PUBG after the ban in the country.

Many people say that after PUBZ is banned, we can play this game easily by changing the server through VPN. But, for your information, please tell us not to do this mistake too. There are two reasons to say that, firstly, if you play games using VPN then you will not get the same experience as before due to having more internet ping. Secondly, if you start playing the game using VPN, then in just a few hours or say that your PUBG Id will be banned in a few minutes. Now the issue is that then how will we play this game? After PUBG is banned in India, there is only one way to play this game, you have to download and play the KR version of PUBG.

How to download PUBG KR

  1. First, click this link and download PUBG KR
  2. When the file is completely downloaded, come to the file manager, search the PUBG KR file and select it and rename it
  3. To rename the file, all you have to do is delete the .xapk and save it by .zip
  4. Now open the file and extract it into the Android folder.
  5. Once extracted, you have to go back to the Android folder. Here you will see a folder, select the APK in it and install it
  6. After the apk is installed, go to the Android folder again and copy the OBB file.
  7. After the file is copied, there will be a folder with another Android name in internal storage, by going into it there will be a folder named OBB and click on it
  8. And paste the copied file into this folder.

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